Astrology & Tarot Readings

Astrology and Tarot Readings

I‘m currently booking for the week of August 27th and into September.
I MAY have room Friday August 24th, depending on our schedules matching up!

Email me to schedule. I do all my scheduling by hand. 

Please read my Terms of Service before purchasing.
Contact me: if you have questions. 

What happens in a reading? 

Very simple. We talk about your life. We can talk past, present, future. What you want to know. What you need to know. 

I LOVE working with your questions, no matter how specific or philosophical.

To get a sense of my style (it can be hard for me to be objective about it) take a look at my Testimonials page here as well as my Reviews on Facebook. I’ve been lousy in recent years at collecting feedback but these should get you started.

My readings are practical and spiritual. I call it magical problem solving. Duende! We can talk as often as you like. Folks who love to do the deep work and seek deep hope, tend to find me. 

And I love to bring back news from the dead. If you want mediumship (or to delve into past lives), let me know.

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Astrology and Tarot (90 minutes) $200

Astrology and Tarot (60 minutes) $145

Tarot ONLY (40 minutes) $100

Tarot ONLY (20 minutes) $75

Astrology Readings include ONE chart (yours or someone else’s)

Add $25 for an additional chart. Maximum two charts per 60 minute session. Maximum three charts per 90 minute session. 

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My favorite kind of Reading is Transits and Tarot but we can also do: 

  • Solar Return
  • Lunar Return
  • Natal Chart analysis
  • Transits for the Month Ahead
  • The Goddess Asteroids 
  • Synastry (comparing your chart with someone else’s)
  • Specific topics: love, money, career, family 

"mars conjunct pluto"


I have Reading BUNDLES which save you money and allow us to work in depth over time.

The four-hour Bundle is $460 (which makes each individual reading $115 instead of $145)

The six-hour Bundle is $600 (an even greater savings – each individual reading is $100 instead of $145)

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I work by:

  • Phone or Skype audio (not video)
  • Facebook Messenger or Facebook Phone
  • Gmail Gchat

"new moon in leo"
What is Duende?

Duende is a word that I learned in a poetry workshop many years ago.
We were reading Lorca at the time.

From Wikipedia:
Duende loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression, and authenticity, often connected with flamenco.

Duende reminds me of the intuitive leaps that happen during a reading. Magical problem solving.


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