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New clients: $325
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60 minutes
Astrology & Tarot

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I discontinued the 90 minute and 2-hour readings but if you want a longer session, message me for rates. 

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*I do readings by phone or Skype audio or typing back and forth on FB Messenger/Gmail Gchat/Twitter DM
*No email readings. No video readings. 

*One chart only for 60 minute readings (longer readings, two charts okay)

*I don’t record readings but don’t mind if you do.

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*I mostly do readings between 10:30 am – 5:30 pm NYC time (Eastern time). Monday through Thursday, and Sunday


Please read my Terms of Service before purchasing.



"uranus in taurus"

Anyone who knows me knows I have a hard time describing what I do, what happens in a reading.

Although I started out as an astrologer, I ended up somewhere else (although I still love and use astrology). Some have called me a sage or wayshower (not my words).

I used to think of myself as a teacher. I don’t have a word or clever phrase for the work I do. Until I find one, I do my best to explain it.

I want to work with your questions, what you want to know. If you ask me to tell you what I see, I can do that too. If you ask me to tell you everythingI will ask you to break it down.

Remember, these are hour-long sessions (you can always book again for more answers/insight). 

I wrote this part below in 2019. 

My readings are psychic/intuitive readings. I give guidance/advice/insight. Astrology and Tarot are my primary tools. With some clients, I do mediumship or exploration of past lives.

Readings always include channeled information and psychic hits/downloads. I read “off” the charts and cards.

Readings with me are deep, not surface. I love working with your questions no matter how specific or philosophical, including prediction. My readings are practical and spiritual. I call it magical problem solving. Duende! 

I am grounded and compassionate, a Cancer/Virgo mix. I have a First House Moon Pluto conjunction, well-aspected all around my chart. This gives me intuition, insight, depth, seriousness, and honesty.


To get a sense of my style, take a look at my Testimonials page.
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"north node in the 12th house"

What is Duende?

Duende is a word that I learned in a poetry workshop many years ago.
We were reading Lorca at the time.

From Wikipedia:
Duende loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression, and authenticity, often connected with flamenco.

Duende reminds me of the intuitive leaps that happen during a reading. Magical problem solving.


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