Fortunes Told

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What You Need To Know

60 Minute Astrology and Tarot is $145. Stars and Cards! Shorter Tarot-Only Readings cost less. Past, Present, Future. Read More

Email Readings

There was a time when I only did Email Readings, but I backed off because it became too time-consuming and I also began to prefer THE VOICE. Read More

Terms of Service

All readings are for entertainment purposes ONLY. All readings are confidential and private.
Readings are never a substitute for medical, legal, or other professional help.. Read More


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3 thoughts on “Fortunes Told”

  1. How do i take advantage of your special for Cancer sun signs? Paypal just has the standard 1 hour offer. I would like to book that reading with you please.

    Thank you.

  2. Aliza
    Buying two readings now hoping to get/give my cousin one Will let you know when
    For me thinking first week of Jan Chiron and Pluto worrying me…
    Talk soon

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