Surviving The Desolation Transits (Part ? Of Many)

"venus square saturn"Turn to what works, turn to what you’re good at — when facing the hard transits. Find something. One thing, two things. Doesn’t matter how small. This will make you feel competent which is needed during hard transits.

But MoonPluto, I don’t know how to deal with all the losses. There are so many. I don’t know how to deal.

I told her: don’t deal. Wait.

And then I drew these cards which seemed to say the same thing:
Seven Cups, Moon, Eight Swords

Go easy on each other. We’re all in the middle of growing.


Music of the Shamans (Advice For Hard Transits, Part 2 of Many)

"jupiter sextile sun"Advice post! (Part One is here)

Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are in VIRGO, the sign of the Giver of Advices
Summary: USE SOUND and scent to disperse, dispel negative energy or entity


Sometimes you do not even need to breathe out sorrow or grief.
Sometimes you do not need to breathe out anything in particular.
Just inhale love love love.
Feel your heart and chest expansion love love love. Whatever word works for you.
And then when you are done with this practice if you desire you could send that word/feeling/idea/heart expansion to anyone who needs. We’ve been doing in my meditation class week after week for years. We raise energy and then we send it out to a person, place or situation. You can even keep it for yourself.
I’ve done that too.

Notice how the feelings change. Throughout the day. You may wake up with much sorrow to exhale. By lunch time you’re all out. And then at 6 PM it may return. Do not expect it to leave and be gone for good. It comes back just as you return to the in-breath and the out-breath. The goal is not to eliminate anything but to recycle :-)

"sun square pluto"I woke up this morning with much sorrow and I did my breathing practice and then I wrote about it and I looked for that book Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore and realized I no longer own it so I found it cheaply on eBay. Do not struggle with the ropes. If you are in a dark night of the soul, then be there in your dark night, be with your dark night.  This too is a practice.

I lit some frankincense and begin to post about frankincense on my Facebook and my mood shifted but I know it will shift again because that’s how it works. Clouds in the sky cover the sun and then the sun shines again. I have a Cancer stellium and Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo. My moods are intense and deeeep. I am sane and stable and live by faith and practical magic but once in a while even I feel shaken by how strong my moods are, like wind, like storms. Must take cover.

Do not be afraid of your storms. Keep steady. Take cover. Tree medicine. Don’t break. Sky medicine. Don’t break. You do not need to break.

But, Aliza, everything in nature breaks!
Hearts break.
We die!
Even the water! Waves break.

What doesn’t break is the soul. Spirit.

Every day then you must work a little bit on restoring and nourishing yours. Fortify and protect. This is your holy job.

Life on earth is so very sticky and hard but the stronger your soul the more you’re able to Bear it.

Then eventually you do more than just bear it.

"nicole moudaber" For the healers and light workers reading this:

straighten yourself out. Find out. Find out how. With guidance or without. Find out how. You will not be able to help others so much while your moods toss you to and fro like a frisbee. Yes doing the work itself helps you BUT there comes a time when you must see your own imbalance and heal your own imbalance more and more. Do not use working on others as your cure.

Become trustworthy. Become steady. Everything increases then, all the good things like love love love.

From my Facebook, my frankincense posts: 

That I am now craving the aroma of frankincense the way one craves food.
And this was a sign to me – to work deeply with him. This craving.

Frankincense will turn up the volume on whatever magick you are working, increase the majesty of it as well. Frankincense is REGAL. Masculine, associated with Jupiter.

Frankincense for anxiety, addiction, doubt.

As so often happens, frankincense “happened” to me — of course I knew of its power, had read of its power, know it is legendary and ancient, but it wasn’t until FUMIGATION – until I bought an incense (and from Whole Foods, not some “special” store) that I fell in love – as I fell in love with La Santisima Muerte when Jupiter was in my 12th House —

When you decide to work with frankincense, well, he can be very demanding, in my experience, wanting full attention but the rewards are great. Also, less is more! Also in my experience, burn on a full stomach. So powerful you could become weak or tired or dizzy from his presence. As always with incense or oils etc etc you need to experiment and get to know them.


About SOUND to clear energy :

I like techno music, particularly from DJ Nicole Moudaber and I was listening to this one track and wrote this:

Listen to this in combination with frankincense (or your favorite aroma) for exorcism and protection. I am being 100% serious.

Sound, noise (like a CLAP or techno or even a more gentle CHIME yes) can free you of nosy, noisy, or disturbing entities in your spirit-body or sphere. Experiment.

Music of the shamans is here.


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My Sacred Airplane, My Star: Advice for Hard Transits

"sun square pluto" So yesterday I got a beautiful message and today I got a beautiful message (from people who know me some – Facebook messages) and it is beautiful to be SEEN and what they see, saw, was the truth – of me – which in a way was really all I ever wanted. To be seen clearly for who I am but to what end? i.e. what is the point of being so strong and so brave. You only get this strong and this brave because of the continual tests. Everyone has their breaking point. There has to come a time when the tests stop, no? Or is it just constant until the last breath. I wonder. I think of the Four of Swords. A break from battle. I think of the Star. Health. Restoration. Hope.

If Saturn through my 4th House chooses to destroy me then I may allow it. I don’t have much fight left. Unless a compelling reason arises. What I can muster is occasional hope or faith. I aligned myself with that today. The people who have no fight left — that’s what they do. That’s what *you* can do. Look at the Star card.

Also, that reason to live thing, be it person, place, thing, cause. You must have one under hard transits. I think of a client dear soul, survived breast cancer and her friend telling her that she had to LIVE. That was all. Not fret about her hair gone or breast gone but get through chemo and LIVE. The way she told the story was way better than I am telling it here. And she also told me how his words pissed her off. She didn’t want to be told THAT. But when she told me, it felt like a message for me too. I mean, isn’t that WHY she was telling it (too)? If you do this work for any length of time at all then you know that the angels choose your clients perfectly.

Maybe you thought this was going to be a bleak blog post or dark depressing blog post but it’s actually not. Root around in the moon pluto mud but it’s not. I have a surprise for you.

That even in the moon pluto mud, a star is born. What your star is or will be, I cannot tell you from this distance, but it is fact. The one gritty reality point I have to make though is your star or my star may only be an airplane shooting across the sky and I do like airplanes a lot — I love to fly — but they aren’t stars.

Hopefully these feelings I’m feeling today (thank you Sun Pluto and Mars Neptune!) will slip into something, blossom into those poems I’m supposed to be writing but aren’t writing. Yet. But even THAT is not my sacred airplane, my star. What is? What is yours? 


Flight Risk: Aries In Love

"uranus square mercury"I must blog about this, I thought to myself, as I finished a Tarot reading with a long-time client.

She’s in a new relationship and it’s like she’s been waiting for him for years. Since I’ve known her. Through various break-ups and make-ups. Her Magician.

Finally he is here and shortly before she met him she was contemplating going to school a few hours away, moving there, and, well, is this self-sabotage? Is this Gemini Rising flip flop? Is this: you get what you want and now you don’t want it? WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS THE ROOT OF THIS FEAR? This is an Aries Woman. She’s got shit to do. Don’t try to stop her, k?

And he. He’s got a ravenous Moon Pluto conjunction in Libra and he’s a fire sign too. Both of them passionate, loving, fierce. All consuming.

It was a short reading today. We both had to go and I went to make some more tea and she was still in my head. And I thought: longing for, yet terrified of, this consumption, being swallowed up.

Fire consumes.
Read Jonah & the Whale, I said. (I tend to mix water and fire.)

"venus retrograde in leo"Yes, she said. Fear of being consumed and then left. I understand this fear. I didn’t see this happening in the cards but as I’m fond of saying: I’m not God and yet I didn’t see this in the cards. Him going anywhere. SHE, however, looked like a flight risk to me. And to herself as well.

But the whale saves Jonah from drowning. He gets saved. What is the great fish? Life. Love. Life. Love. Life. Love. Life. Love. Life.


The whale saves Jonah. Remember that, dear client, querent, Aries Woman Warrior.

There are other details to the story but I freely admit they don’t concern me here. I got what I needed. In Jewish tradition though (my client is not Jewish but I am) we read the Jonah story on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year. This love is holy. Do you not feel awe in its presence? It is larger than either of you. It’s worth stopping for. Stop. Stop and just… look at it.

“The Magician suggests that in some way magic is present in our lives,” writes Rachel Pollack in Tarot Wisdom.



Notes On Not Being A Medium

"jupiter square pluto"I do not market myself as medium, but sometimes clients do ask about loved ones who have passed on and this happened today.
A young woman asking about her brother.

In her words:

I felt my brother was helping me through everything for a long time (he died 4 years ago) and then recently I feel like he’s disappeared. 

And this is what my cards told me:

He may have crossed a threshold that he wasn’t able to before. 

I’m asking if the brother is around you and what I get is that he is inside you, so to speak.
He’s more fused with you now than before, but you are on the same page.
I am trying to find the words to explain it but it’s as though he IS here supporting you but you are moving in tandem
whereas before it was separate. Now he’s more integrated IN YOU.
His soul/spirit/personality moves WITH YOU rather than talks to YOU.
See the difference?
It’s subtle but not subtle at all. A different energy.
I don’t see any separation at all. In fact it’s more united.

She wondered if it made sense that she could no longer hear him.

The voice is inside you now. Think of it as NO separation. 
So it will “sound” like your voice. It’s fused, totally fused energy. 

Before it was a very CLEAR distinction,like you could ask a question and get an answer!
Now the answer comes through YOUR mind so you think it’s “just you” but really he’s been integrated. 
You need not think he’s gone. He’ll never be gone. 

Have you experienced something similar?

Love, MP

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North Node In Pisces & And the Dry Erase Board

"moon conjunct pluto in virgo"
where are you going? where have you been?

Folks who work with me know that I’m obsessed with my DRY ERASE BOARD.
I’ve got two of them. Part dry-erase, part cork.
These are my Manifestation Tables.

I’m not exactly sure what a Vision Board is so I can’t say if this is that.
I don’t cut out pictures. I don’t collage. Except in words.
I write lists, tasks, things to do, but these are also free-writing/brainstorming boards.
And truth is… a few things that I was working on (on the boards) have manifested.
There’s power in it.
Write it down.
Keep it in mind.
Let it go.
Read the board.
Keep it in mind.
Let it go.
Erase as needed.
Rewrite as needed.
Keep it in mind.
Let it go.

This morning I’m finally beginning to recover some from my hurt leg.
I went for a short walk and I’m puttering in the bedroom, cleaning up the clothes and bottles of Alleve and various and sundry evidence of a gal who has been doing the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compress, elevation) for almost a week now.
And I decided to erase my dry erase. It was time. Missions accomplished.

And I wrote:

What now? 
Plans begun but not yet begun (i.e. started but not full speed yet)
*Finish what you started
*Don’t seek the new
*Finish what you started

Organize notes re: 
1. Project One
2. Project Two

One step at a time.

Welcome to my life as a Virgo South Node, Virgo Rising, Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto.
HOWEVER, this dry erase business is me including my North Node in Pisces.
Erase. Dissolve.

A word for Miss K. who has her North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra, which is the reverse of the current Nodal situation:

My question for you:
do you stand up for yourself? For what you desire? Even to yourself? Your needs?
I think, interestingly enough, the South Node in Aries will be a BENEFIT to you.
And maybe you’ll feel like you’ve gone too far, said too much, asserted yourself in some… ungraceful way BUT…

Do explore that axis in your chart. I’m trying to remember. Is it 4th/10th? 3rd/9th?
Probably changes depending on house system.
Forget even about Nodes or reverse Nodes but think about what you want from those areas of life.
It could be quite simple. Or dramatic. You won’t know until you take a look.
And get yourself a dry erase or a journal and write it down. 
Because there is something I know you want to say or think but are afraid to say or think and isn’t it time?
You don’t have to be afraid of how you feel or what you want. 

Even if nothing changes. 

Love, MP

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Dear MoonPluto: Does He Like Me Back?

"venus square saturn" So I’m talking to this client (by Instant Message) and she’s got Taurus Rising (which means Scorpio on her descendent) and she likes this guy but he’s a hard nut to crack, including a Venus square Saturn aspect in his natal, and I’m telling her:

you can’t stomp stomp stomp around like this and get what you want, you can’t force this to happen, have to give him rope

Let him show her who he is because if she’s ALWAYS THERE, The Waiting, we can’t see his instincts, we can’t tell WHO he is at all or what he may want from her.

I am in the habit of telling clients
I can’t tell you what to do.
That’s not my place.
And THEN I give my opinion, if I have one, which is informed by charts and cards and intuition and my crystal ball.

Which reminds me:
I used my crystal ball for the first time today in a different reading and I came up with a very specific detail about someone’s house hunting i.e. a landmark. Now, I don’t know if I was just “seeing” that she would be seeing this particular house or if she is actually moving there.
Point is, it showed up. Interesting stuff.

But back to the original story.
So I tell the girl: trust the universe, okay? That you don’t have to wrestle this situation to the ground.

I told her that I was going to be taking my own advice upon which I had a very helpful and illuminating conversation with a loved one where I cleared the air, cleared my fears, and didn’t wrestle anything to the ground :)

Venus enters Aries tonight, my friends.
Be bold as love.
Be bold IN love.

Love, MP

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Young Libra Rising In Eight Of Cups Situation, What To Do!

"jupiter square uranus" This morning’s cards are for Miss X.

(These blog posts for subscribers give you a little taste of what it’s like to work with me one-on-one.)

She’s a young Libra Rising with career on her mind and this morning I pulled a single card for her and she got the Eight of Cups which I associate with leaving something or someone behind, often with a heavy heart even though you know it’s “right.”

Did Miss X make a decision finally? 

Yesterday I pulled three Lenormand cards, a new interest of mine.
Let’s pull two now.
Maybe there’s a message for Miss X here:

We got Fish and Heart.
Do what you love (Heart) Miss X, and the money (Fish) will follow.

Easier said than done? I pulled the Whip.

I think Miss X tends to whip herself up around these matters or somehow she (others?) talked herself out of her heart’s desire.

I can see in these cards that Miss X wants to make money. That’s part of the master plan. And nothing wrong with that. I do too. But what is essential here, what is missing, perhaps, is HEART. Her heart’s not in it anymore.

And that’s the answer and advice too: where will she put her heart?

Another keyword for Fish is INDEPENDENCE.

Even if she hasn’t made a move yet, I think Miss X is DONE with her current situation and it’s only a matter of time.

She loves her freedom.

Did I mention she’s an Aquarius?



The Sun entered Taurus yesterday.
Frankly, I am just thrilled that even ONE heavenly body has moved out of fiery Aries.

Is today tense? Yes, today is tense. I should say though: your mileage may vary.

Sometimes people will say to me: but MoonPluto, you said that was going to be a GOOD DAY and that day sucked!

But you know what? There is something called perspective. A person could have a heavenly life, by most standards, and still find something to complain about so, yeah, your mileage may vary, and I do predict some intensity over the next few days as the Cardinal Cross perfects.

Today: do you really want me to pick it apart? To remind you that Venus conjunct Chiron is making you feel awfully discontented in that part of your chart. Or that Jupiter square Uranus isn’t bringing the goodies you thought it would BUT WAIT! Do you hear the call of a goodie? Jupiter Uranus is always a windfall, good, bad, eh, or excellent.

A windfall but it’s NOT stable. Uranus square Pluto is not stable. So all the opportunities are not quite locked in yet, even though you are getting signs of life and future.

What I’m feeling most is THE STALL. Delay. It is a CROSS after all.

I think what you need to know the most, what I need to tell you is that… you still have some miles to go, but you are on your way, the car’s got gas, and the radio’s playing your favorite song.

So sing along :)

Love, MP

I hope you like the look of the new blog. I need to update all my Pages and I am going to add some new Readings and Packages and Services and stuff! Stay tuned xoxo

Dear MoonPluto: Girl Has Lucky Star Grand Trine In Water Today

The Business: 

So I have these two blogs.

The one you are looking at now and

Long story how it happened but I’m going to be streamlining soon and soon we’ll be under one roof again.

There will be:
more consultation packages, more types of readings, up to date information about classes and chat rooms and… MORE!

I’m also tweaking my Apprenticeship/Mentorship program.


This post is for Miss X :)

You know her :) she’s a subscriber and receives two blog posts a month written just for her (among other goodies).

And, yes, I call ALL my subscribers Miss X in homage to poet Raphael Alberti who was introduced to me (in book form) by my poetry teacher of long ago college days, Donald Justice.

(Damn. Memory lane. I still have the letter of recommendation he wrote for me when I applied to Iowa.)

Dear Miss X:

I was contemplating your blog post this morning and noticed that VENUS IS TRINE JUPITER today in water signs, Pisces and Cancer.

This energy is building now. It’s not exact until tonight.

And I think if you stop and take a moment to reflect, you will find GRACE there.

I know you are an Air/Fire/Earth girl.

And I know you have your North Node in Pisces and Chiron in Cancer.
See, this transit was MADE FOR YOU because
Water is NOT easy for you.
Aquarians make love to logic and the light of the mind — not to all those squishy squeezey messy feeeeeeelings (unless the chart indicates otherwise).

I pulled up your chart:
Venus is transiting your 6th (using Equal Houses here) and Jupiter is in your 10th and what I want to tell you is this:

all those Tarot cards I’ve been pulling for you about work and career…
all those plans and visions you’ve been mulling over…
all that anxiety like white noise can keep the TRUTH out! And you do not want to keep the truth out.

The truth is this:

Venus trine Jupiter is a blessing, is grace, and is sweetly aspecting your work/career houses AND trining your 2nd House natal Pluto. You’ve got a Grand Trine, Miss X!

Do you see what I see?

Listen to the wind, Miss X :)
These particular Winds of Change are sweet. It’s the smell of oranges and surf, sweet flowers, good luck good fortune, prosperity opportunity.

I see water in your future…

And I pulled a card: THE LOVERS.
The choice is yours


Love, MP


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Hello Pluto Goes Retrograde On Monday

Pluto goes retrograde on Monday and I believe the outer planet retrogrades DO matter and these movements plug into already operating themes in our lives.
They are not new stories.
They are not even do-overs.
They are causes for reflection.
They do show new phases and slow-downs to the matters at hand (the house where Pluto is transiting).
And I promise you will feel the difference when Pluto goes direct again in September.
NOT that life gets put on hold in those areas but like I wrote above: new phases and slow-downs.
And what feels like stability.
Slow down does not necessarily equal stagnation.
Slow down means… SLOW DOWN.
And this could be good, very good.
All of life is about timing :)
Sometimes it is NOT time to change.
Which is a really interesting thought considering the Eclipse happens the day after Pluto goes retrograde and Eclipses are bumpy rides.
So it’s a paradox.
Are you okay with that?

This post is for one of my subscribers. You too can subscribe to me. Click here to see what that entails.

Pluto is not a new visitor to Miss X’s first house.
She is an early degree Capricorn Rising.
The least she needs to know:
1. This is a really long transit. Pluto doesn’t leave Capricorn until 2024 and it retrogrades back to Capricorn
2. you are changing. Inside and out.

And you know what?
I can’t predict every single change that Miss X will make or that will happen to her between now and then.
But I want to draw a card for her. One card.
About her 1st House Pluto transit which will oppose her Saturn again (by degree, exact).

And remember:
Saturn represents the structures of our lives.
And Miss X is Saturn-ruled.
And Pluto represents death and rebirth.
You feeling this? This tug of war?
Pluto vs Saturn.
Death vs. the Fear of Death
Change vs. the Fear of Change

(Which reminds me: I am thinking about FEAR today. About what fear feels like. How it squats in my chest and starts to flutter. How I am grabbing fear by the throat, looking it in the eye. Removing my hand from its throat, looking it in the eye. Examining it. Walking around it. Embracing it.)

Pluto has to come to town for Miss X.
Pluto has been in town a while now.
The more things stay the same, the more edgy she feels.
Miss X has a natal Sun Uranus square.
Is it only a matter of time, Miss X?
Like a butterfly in a box.

And the winner is…
A card associated with Saturn!

This tells me that The World is what’s at stake.
That this is what she will have IF…
If what?

And I couldn’t help it. I pulled another card.


If she can break free of what she has so perfectly and delicately designed for herself.
She is the butterfly.
She is the box.

Do you feel like Miss X? 

Love, MP

Yup, I am available for crisis calls, emails, and instant messages. 

I’m still running my 4 for 3 special which can be used this month or anytime: 
Purchase THREE 60 minute readings and get FOUR

Sexy Capricorn Risings In Love

Oh Lord ANOTHER Capricorn Rising.

Different chart but another Capricorn Rising.

You know what I’ve noticed about these women?
Sexy. They’re sexy.
Whether they want to be sexy or not.

And I fall in their 7th House.
My Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars falls in their 7th House of committed relationships.
So I like them and they like me.

But all of that is besides the point.

My job is to help, not to comment on the sexiness of Capricorn Rising ladies :)

But there is a method to my madness. Really.
Because what I see here is the NEW MOON ECLIPSE IN TAURUS falling in her 5th House, playful, fun, loving.

Eclipses are heavy energy, right?
Heavy in terms of… NOW IT IS TIME.
Whether it’s an initiating or a releasing eclipse.

And earlier today I was talking to not a Capricorn Rising but a Capricorn Sun and talking about HER 5th House and about new love and getting her creativity back.
Feeling inspired.
Even though she’s not in love.
And not in loss.
Just… alive.
Bringing Neptune back. In a good way.

Dear Capricorn Rising:

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra conjunct your Uranus in your 10th House and I know you’ve been in the same job for some years now and life is stable but I also know you have the ability to RUN and…

the Full Moon Eclipse is square your Sun so… it’s a shock.
You shocking them. All those 7th House near and dear people when they hear about your GREAT ADVENTURE.

This is what I see/feel in your energy.

But I also see/feel Capricorn Rising who can put a stop to all that Fool (Tarot alert) behavior!

I try not to tell people what to do.
But I do tell them what I think.
Sometimes I even tell them what I would do.
But that free-will thing exists.

Dear Capricorn Rising: 
You can run but you can’t hide. 
The word RECONSTITUTE comes to mind. Build up again from parts. Reconstruct.
But first you have to fall apart. 

And I think, actually, that’s the process you are in NOW. 
And it can be as subtle as a draft.
The open window…

Does this make sense? Are you feeling this? Any other Capricorn Risings feel this way?

Honestly I think the love thing is up to you. But the energy swirl is not. You can run but you can’t hide ;)

Love, MP

Tarot For Miss X (And Her Cardinal Grand Cross)

Who is Miss X? 

Miss X is the name I usually give to folks when I write a blog post just for them.

My subscribers get this, two posts per month (look here if you want to know how you can get this too).

Also, the name Miss X is a tribute to poet Raphael Alberti.
I learned of Alberti when I was taking poetry classes with Donald Justice, a million years ago :)

Brain, blood, and bone.
That’s my version of mind, spirit, body, a “typical” Tarot spread.

And these cards give me more questions than answers, Miss X.

Because at first I see overwhelming FEELING.
Feeling overwhelmed.
Feeling overwhelming.
Fantastical over the top bliss bliss.

And then I draw three more and it’s like the B-side to the A-side.
Upheaval, sadness, and running away.

I see a tightrope walker in my mind.
That’s you.
Precious balance.
Tilt to the right and you feel A-side.
Tilt to the left and you feel B-side.
Walk across, get to the other side, and what happens?

When I ask for advice, I get the Ten of Pentacles but I just have this nagging feeling…
that these cards of ultimate fulfillment, emotional or material are… trying to fool me, and you.
Trying to LULL me and you.

See, you can keep going as you’ve been going FOREVER but…

In the previous post I was talking about transiting Saturn conjunct your Neptune.

And what I also see is your natal Saturn in Aries caught up in the Cardinal Cross.
Uranus is ON IT and it’s exact.
You are breaking
You are breaking apart
Split down the middle
Side A.
Side B.
Status quo vs. The Great Mystery


I am an esoteric metaphysical poetic PRACTICAL astrologer for you and yours :) and I feel your distress through the little glimpses you give me…

The answer:
I think you want this.
I think you *really* want this.
You want to walk down the middle

Am I right?

I was watching a bunch of self-help videos last night from a self-help guru and I want to bring you a couple words he kept using:


Just begin, Miss X.
Hatch a plan and begin.
You can choose Side-A
Or you can choose Side-B
Or you can keep walking


Love, MP

Fate Is The Road And We All Travel Down It

Do we wind up where we belong, ultimately?

Some believe YES.
Fate is the road and we all travel down it.
What is your opinion? 

This is on my mind this morning because I WAS a poet once upon a time.
I was someone who… wrote poems!
It was my entire world. It was a real thing. Not just something I thought about.
MFA from Iowa (in case y’all wondering why you like my writing) but no one ever taught me HOW to write.

And I no longer write poems (except the two I started last year in a flash of wild inspiration).
I made a choice when Saturn was transiting my 2nd House.
That I had to make a better living. Put my energy THERE.
And yeah I sought it through… ASTROLOGY BLOGGING.
Turned out to be true.

My point in telling this story:

I am wondering how MISS X feels in relation to this question:
does SHE feel that she is ultimately where she belongs. 

I’ll tell you what I see:

Saturn conjunct her Neptune by transit.
Neptune rules dreams but also disappointment.
In her 11th House! The House of Your Fondest Hopes & Dreams

Is this not a reality check, Miss X?
Is this not the dream made real?
Is this not the dream dying and hmm may not be reborn through the slog until AFTER Saturn crawls through your 12th?

I am an esoteric metaphysical poetic PRACTICAL astrologer for you and yours :) and I feel your pain through the little glimpses you give me

And I am no fan of Saturn Neptune, Saturn Pisces, Saturn 12th House transits. Head above water head above water head above water how to keep head above water. BY LEARNING HOW TO SWIM. That’s how.

I did an impromptu reading for someone the other day, who has Saturn transiting his 12th, after a business meeting, not an astrology person so I was trying to put it in language he could understand about…
needing solitude so he could…
put the disparate pieces together.
Puzzle pieces made of sand.
They keep falling apart.

You know what Saturn through the 12th House is?
You know what Saturn on Neptune is?

And then you may say:
But MoonPluto! ALL transits are learning transits

But you know that I know that you know that I know that SATURN IS THE TEACHER.
The elder.
The wise.
The one who helps hold you up.
The father.
The who carries you and doesn’t let you fall.
Saturn cares. YES I SAID IT. Saturn CARES. Just like your ideal father cares.


But back to Miss X:
Saturn is square her Mercury.
Saturn is square her Venus.
This girl is STUBBORN.
She is set in her ways and Saturn is saying BACK THE FUCK AWAY from backing away.
And I think she feels cold. On the inside. No matter what she does to warm up, no matter how she tries to avoid it, she is starting to think her blood is ice ice ice. SHE CAN’T GET WARM I CAN’T SEEM TO GET WARM WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME (she cries)

BUT SHE’S WRONG. You are wrong, Miss X.

What do you gain by pulling your hand from the fire. What do you lose?
What would you gain by letting it burn instead? What would you lose?

Saturn is trine her Sun and will trine her Chiron. And also making sweet aspects to her Pluto Uranus conjunction. These are NOT crossroads transits.

The problem I see is this.
Miss X *can* ignore.
It won’t bring her to her knees.
But will add stabbing discontent.
And ultimately I think she knows what’s at stake.
And if I tell you that Jupiter is transiting her 7th House, I think you know too.

Love, MP

Dear MoonPluto: What If I Can’t Have An Altar?

So I was counseling people on my Facebook page to take care of their altars this month.
Bolster them.
Dust them off.
Because these “hot spots” in your apartment can help GROUND YOU.
Hot spots. Healing spots.
Create a VORTEX in your immediate environment of HEALING ENERGY.

Then a woman on my page asked… what if she CANNOT have an altar.

And I don’t know her. Could be any reason. Maybe her family or whoever is around has a religious strictness that forbids it. WHATEVER THE REASON…

Her question:  any suggestion for someone living in a situation where an altar can’t be placed. I have one in a virtual world, but unable to get to it at this moment.

I told her this:


I mean you can make DINNER and it can be a makeshift temporary ALTAR.
You know what an altar is?
It’s a “miniature” temple.
Set an intention, say a prayer silently (so you can keep your privacy) and there you go.
In a sense, it’s like the Sukkah in Jewish culture i.e. MOBILE HOLINESS. Mobile help. You put it up. You take it down. You can have a different one every day. And this does not need to destabilize you.


Also, the holy temple is always inside you. You don’t need an outside manifestation but it HELPS. 

Seriously, you can choose two books from a bookshelf and prop them up in a certain way. Get it? I know that’s a dumb example but you know what I mean. ANYTHING YOU DO WITH INTENTION CAN BECOME THIS if you need to maintain spiritual privacy. This is what rituals are.

This is what persecuted people have done throughout the ages! If you have to keep it private, you find a way. You can pick up a rock on your way home and put it on the table. As I wrote above, your table is an altar. Anything you put on top of it is thus imbued with the holiness you impart. But you have to do this stuff with intention and clarity.

Love, MP

North Node In Libra Will Help The South Node In Aries People (Part Two)

Part One is here

This blog post was written for one of my subscribers — if you want to get in on this deal, please visit my sister-site for more information on how you can subscribe to me and what it entails :)


So, Madame X (not her real name) has her natal SOUTH NODE in Libra, the sign of the perfectionist!

Note: Liz Greene writes that we all think Miss Perfect is Virgo but no! Libra with her obsession for matchy matchy symmetry/beauty/harmony/FITTING IN is the true perfectionist of the zodiac. (Do you agree? Something to think about!)

In either case, Madame X has her South Node in Libra. And we are taught we must leave behind the habits, patterns, routines of the South Node. I believe we ALSO must master the qualities there. We can’t just abandon ship. Thus the North Node in Libra, by transit, holds great lessons for Madame X and perhaps for you as well.

The question becomes: how to do Libra WELL? How to do Libra better? Not to be FAKE. That’s one criticism we see leveled at Libra all the damn time — that they are fake. They live on the surface. Concerned with appearances and not with substance. Concerned with making nice but not sincere. Not willing to go deep (like Scorpio, for example). Passive. Passive-aggressive. Passive VERY aggressive but getting others to do the heavy lifting. In love with the idea of love but scattering at the first sign of blood, guts, glory.

Okay, I’m painting a pretty bleak picture of the low side of Libra. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Libra clients. They have moved me to tears (which I love, as a Cancer Sun) due to their sweetness and, yes, their integrity and sincerity. The depth of their pain is no joke. Are they trapped? I think so. But we all are, in our own way. Libra, from what I’ve seen, PREFERS to be indirect. Won’t make waves. But then suffers for it. Suffers terribly. They remind me of Pisces in this way, agonizing suffering. Waiting waiting waiting waiting by the window waiting waiting waiting. Will he call? Will he pick me? La-la-la-love-love-love-la-la-la.

You know what? No matter how many times you tell your Libra (or packed 7th House person) to take charge (of their life!) in the way you wish they would (like an Aries, right?) well, they just can’t. THEY CAN’T. UNLESS THEY AGREE TO CHANGE THEIR NATURE. Or, at the very least, role play. (Is it possible to change your nature? Another interesting question…)

But now here comes the chance for Madame X to up the ante and become expert at Libra instead of victim of Libra and I think we all feel like a victim of our South Node karma every so often (or even all the time — for some of us).

Another bonus: she can begin to appreciate in a new way everything Libra has brought to her life. Ease in the world? Beauty? Feeling satisfied? Friendship? A social life? Artistic gift? The ability to find partners, to not have to go it alone in the world. The ability to see the other side…  as she watches everyone around her fall on their face when they overdo Aries  and then wise up when they do brave beautiful Libra. She already know what to do for this transit!


My favorite keyword for Libra or Venus is grace and not just because it has a spiritual connotation but because grace can be something we “see,” yes, but is so much more.  We see… the outline of it, the aura, around a person, but it comes from within. In Yiddish, the word is “chein.”

And I think this is one thing Madame X will discover during her “reverse nodal return.” That she can be… independently dependent. That she can CHOOSE who she relies on. Get it? Not just be Libra from knee-jerk reaction or ideas of how women should behave but… make choices. Libra South Node is going to be beautiful but an empowered Libra South Node makes choices about that beauty rather than just following what the culture thinks.

See, the South Node is not about making choices. It’s about instinct, about gut reaction, where we run to when we feel afraid. The transiting Node in Libra will lend support to South Node in Libra people! Make sense?

NOW is her time to shine! People will be coming to Madame X for advice! For example! For guidance, for luck! And she’ll say: eh, I’ve always been this way. I have no magic. 

But in truth, she does, and she is a teacher. She will be a teacher of grace for the duration of this transit — on HOW to do Libra just right, even as she learns by doing.


It’s a tricky one, I know. And there are so many ways to look at it. But I hope this has been helpful.

Love, MP


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90 minute astro/tarot for $90! We can work by phone/email/instant message. It’s all good! Most folks split up the reading. An hour to start and then a 30 minute follow-up. Come March there will be a new special. 

I am pretty booked up this week but otherwise can schedule

North Node In Aries Wonders How Transiting North Node In Libra Will Affect Her

Woman on my Facebook Timeline complimented me today on my morning blog post.

This made me feel soooo good because I was struggling to get my words out this morning. And to condense a crazy week ahead. And then I realized I’ll just have to blog a little every day because it’s SO MUCH.

This blog post is for one of my subscribers. Part One. 

She has her natal North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra! Tricky, right?

Because the (transiting) Node is now in Libra. Thus it’s a reverse for her. What to do? Has her life become a reversed Tarot Card? Which way is up? Which way is down?

She thought she was supposed to move away from overly-Libra behaviors (smiling through gritted teeth, passivity…) and embrace passionate independent Aries.

Aries, ruled by Mars, doesn’t placate. It just DOES.

Aries = action whereas Libra = I’ll draw to me what I need and want. No judgement here about either. We need both!

Libra people goddamn I love the Libra people but they always want to INVOLVE me in all their decisions! That is Libra. That is Venus.  It’s OUR problem. Not your problem, not my problem but OUR problem. The peacemaker. Let’s fix it together! Meanwhile, Aries has already stormed off ;)

Frankly, I think this reversal is AWESOME. I believe she will be able to see more clearly what she needs to do to truly madly deeply LIVE that Aries North Node. BECAUSE SHE WILL SEE EVERYONE DOING THE SHIT SIDE OF ARIES. SHE WILL SEE EVERYONE DOING ARIES *WRONG* BECAUSE THE SOUTH NODE SUCKS US UNDER. She will learn by example. Reverse example, yes.

Yes she will see tidal waves of thoughtlessness and selfishness and rash action.

But if she is smart (and I know she is) she will pay attention to all that… and check it off her list. What NOT to do and instead be the best of Aries: initiating. Assertive. Confident. A leader. WARM. REAL. Not asking permission because she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t need your fucking permission, pal! FEARLESS. Yes, a touch of fearlessness :- ) COURAGE. PASSION. PURSUIT. Going after what she wants.

But with added grace.

Does this make sense?

To be continued…

Love, MP

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Aquarius Girl Has North Node In Pisces

A blog post for one of my Subscribers. 


She’s a young woman, pre-Saturn Return. Young but not un-wise.

And one of the most interesting things about her chart to me: NO WATER!

But North Node in Pisces :) And, oh yes, how could I forget? Chiron in Cancer.

So that’s one question here:

how does the Air and Fire AND Earth girl learn to swim?



And I’m not saying she doesn’t feel – but there’s a big difference between Aquarius/Aries feel and PISCES feel.

One way I understand Pisces North Node: trusting instincts. Less second-guessing and worst-case scenarios. More understanding and knowledge based on “just because” — and less desire for evidence or “logic.”

You get to the point where you KNOW and everyone else — with their schemes and rationales — just feels ridiculous to you. Because you KNOW. You just know. You can’t even pick it apart. And you don’t have to. You just know.

Chiron trines her North Node. So she’s got to get in touch with some pretty deep stuff FIRST.

It’s painful at times, but immerse she must. Dunk she must. Baptism.

She’s got to follow that Chiron, which is conjunct her MidHeaven (career point). Maybe there’s a family business. Maybe she will find herself entangled. Maybe she will break free. Maybe they will disapprove. Maybe. Aquarius got to do what Aquarius got to do! But Libra Rising? Libra Rising is one step ahead, wondering what you/they will think about it all.

Ways to get to water when you are land-locked:  by foot. By car. By plane. By imagination. How will she get there? I believe she will. I picture her at a crossroads but this crossroads isn’t here yet. The (first) crossroads will truly be when Saturn hits Capricorn and her Capricorn stellium in her 4th House (Cancer’s natural House) and she can no longer deny her… heart’s desire.

Uranus is in her 7th House now. Pluto in her 4th. Mars in her 1st. And Jupiter waving the flag way up high in her 10th: what is she going to DO? What does she have to show the world?

Well, (and I think I wrote this before, in my first post to her) I don’t think she needs to decide NOW despite the pressure, but the time is coming :) It’s a process — says Virgo South Node — and Virgo South Node always worries about getting it right.

For right now though, there is no “right.” My suggestion right now is… to practice. Practice feeling it all.

And to swim. Or, at the very least, I would seek out lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, boats, anything nautical. Sea creatures :) I’d eat fish. I’d immerse myself in sand and sea, coasts, freshwater saltwater anything. Even hanging up pictures of blue, green, blue-green. Collect shells. Water spirit, fish-tailed mermaid, go to the beach, smile at the sun, make the waves your home.

Aquarius is the water-bearer, yes, the one BEARS it all. Carries it. Get it? Saturn co-rules Aquarius. Saturn is structure. Saturn carries. Saturn bears. But you, my dear, must BECOME the water (North Node in Pisces). And not just to flow (common Pisces keyword) but to pour! Sweep! Gush! Cascade!

Happy (belated) Birthday, Aqua Girl! 

Love, MP


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It is a drop-in class, on-line. You show up when you can. Participate when you can. I start discussion threads daily. You participate at your own pace. Some days I’ll be posting new material in the morning. Some days in the afternoon/evening. My goal is for a 2-week class with weekends off but if I have to miss a day, I will add on, so we don’t feel rushed. 

PayPal: $100 

Help For Scorpio Risings With Jupiter In Their 9th House

By transit, she’s got Mars in her 12th, Saturn in her 1st, Jupiter in her 9th:

“Nobody likes Saturn in their 1st House. It can feel mentally/physically crushing. And Mars in your 12th feels like a fire you can’t put out because you can’t even FIND the fire but you FEEL the heat.

Okay, we ALL have crappy transits at one time or another BUT — at the same time – we look for the opportunity. That’s my job to show you the hope, the open door.

And that’s Jupiter…. traveling through your 9th House of your HIGHER MIND. That’s your way out. Your dark, beautiful mind (Pluto transiting her 3rd) that wants to learn and grow and DO. It’s also the House of God. Faith. Belief. PERSPECTIVE. And learning.

That’s why I said earlier…. if you want to learn something new… anytime from… March until the summer, July, this is a great window. If not formal learning, then at least learning what you might want to explore work-wise, business wise. TRAVEL. I know I know travel probably sound like a freaking pipe dream but your chart is screaming out for this…. exploration. Can be mental exploration too.”

A gal on Facebook (where I first posted this) added the thought that Saturn in her 1st feels like: PROVE YOURSELF! I remember this transit well. I learned what it was like to lose pretty much everything. To start over brand new. Some of what I lost came back to me. Was meant to be. Now, under my Saturn opposition and Saturn square Venus, I am getting glimpses of losses to come.

Another Facebook Friend, who just finished up her last (I think) round of chemotherapy used the word GRATITUDE in one of her comments on my page. I want to adopt the gratitude attitude as well. Pain is our teacher. Okay okay so we’re getting ANOTHER degree in the stuff. I’ve got diplomas all over my walls ;)

What transits are you going through? 

Love, MP


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Advice For Libra Rising (And Your Mars In Libra Transit)

This blog post is for one of my Subscribers. CLICK HERE for information about subscribing to ME! :)


So this lovely Libra Rising lady has Mars in the 1st House on her mind. Why? Because Mars will be transiting her 1st House FOR SO DAMN LONG (until late summer!)

I remember this transit well — I’m a Virgo Rising and the ENERGY, the staggering amount of energy I felt while Mars spent month after month (due to a retrograde) in my 1st House. I remember jogging on the treadmill, yelling at my (long distance) boyfriend on the phone.

My advice to you:

-exercise. And then exercise some more. The 1st House is YOUR BODY. It’s a lot of energy to keep still. And you don’t have to go to boot camp. Even a brisk walk or jog on treadmill, or out and about, would suffice. Use your muscles. All of ‘em. Think of your body as a snake for this transit and you are the snake (kundalini) charmer. I like this metaphor because Libra is charm incarnate.

-don’t decide. Yes, you heard me right. Don’t decide! You don’t have to and you’ll probably change your mind anyway so… while Mars is in Libra, do not pass go, do not collect $200 (this is a reference to the board game Monopoly, in case some of my Pluto in Scorpio generation readers do not get the reference).

Libra Risings KNOW they have trouble making decisions. They KNOW this! They know it drives others bonkers. But finally, for once, you have not just a reason, but an excuse ;) I think the retrograde period will be even worse for this. And if anyone questions you? Tell them the truth and shout it out loud! MARS IS IN LIBRA, RETROGRADE, IN MY 1ST HOUSE! I promise they’ll leave you alone after that, especially if you yell it, ha! But seriously…

-what is most tricky for the lovely Libra lady: Mars in Libra squares her awesome Capricorn stellium, all the way from 3 to 27 degrees. It also trines her Aquarius Sun and Venus. And then an opposition to her Moon in Aries at the end of the transit.

I think she will simultaneously not know WHAT THE FUCK TO DO about all kinds of stuff and like I wrote above: it’s okay. Really it’s okay. Mars square Uranus is go go go but Mars square Saturn is no no no! Mars square Neptune is ??? (that WTF feeling) and Mars square Mercury either 1. can’t find the words or 2. can’t stop yammering about go go go and no no no. The energy is not… clearly defined and not clearly directed. Hard to be The Magician (from the Tarot) under these conditions so… don’t be. Let go what you can let go. And ponder how best to direct your energy, where to put it for best results.

The trines are her balm in Gilead (my favorite metaphor these days) and considering the 5th House is involved I recommend, among other things, creative outlets and fun, WEIRD FUN. And by weird I just mean… whatever YOU consider fun :)

Girl’s got a 5th House Sun and Venus. And maybe she wants to be a lawyer, I don’t know, BUT… there is ART! going on in this soul. Easy? Nope. North Node is there too (in Placidus).

Bottom line: have more fun than you think is reasonable.


(from my Facebook page)

The Sky Today: 

Ooooh here’s some wind beneath your wings! 

MOON IN ARIES, restless impatient HOT AND BOTHERED Moon like a FURNACE burn baby burn! This is the motorcycle moon. I’ve known various Moon in Aries who like it FAST. 

Moon in Aries will square Jupiter in Cancer and Venus/Pluto in Capricorn. This slows down Moon in Aries, little road blocks. Breaks squeal! Ouch! Did somebody say burn baby burn? Stuck at the crossroads  

My advice is to do a candle ritual for this day. Sure, why not? Write down what you want to release on a little slip of paper, douse it in the flame. Watch it burn. But don’t forget to practice fire safety! You may even want to do this outside if you are fire-nervous  Yes, I always have your safety in mind (Cancer Sun at your service!)

No other exact aspects this week but building now is: 
Jupiter trine Chiron (I call this the Balm in Gilead aspect) and Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday. 

Communications are wonky and weirdy all this week. Take care and carry a big… dictionary?

Love, MP


There are different ways to work with me. Please visit the new site MOONPLUTO.COM because there is more information there — about independent study (apprenticeship), Astro/Tarot specials, subscription, chat rooms, classes, and other stuff as it develops!

February Class is in the works! Details to be announced…

FEBRUARY SPECIAL: 90 minute Astro/Tarot $90 (Phone/IM/Email combo is fine but I am preferring more “real time” readings these days, and LESS Email)

Yes, The Lovers Card Is About Making A Choice

I have a new *subscription* service.

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One thing the subscription entails is two blog posts written just for your, your issues, your concerns.

Interesting, I asked the folks who got on board with my new service what they wanted me to write about and most of them said USE YOUR INSTINCT. I TRUST YOU.

One young lady said this: Love and death have been on my mind. More specifically, whether I’ll ever have a romantic love and why most doctors want to tell me I’m dying. But, more importantly whatever you’re moved to write.”

Dear Lady X (name changed to preserve her identity),

You wonder whether you’ll ever have a romantic love, and I assume this means whether you’ll ever have a romantic love again because I know just a little bit about you.

I know that you’ve had some solid long term relationships, but here you are in your mid 30s (which is a fine place to be!) and personally I see NOTHING wrong with being single and I’m pretty sure you agree — despite the protestations of friends and family. And yet something is stirring in you.

I want to ask the cards: what is this stirring? YES FOLKS I JUST GOT THE LOVERS CARD.

Why is this stirring
? The MOON : fear or worry but also THE CYCLE OF LIFE. Is it time?

I know that you know a thing or two about the body and medicine and this stirring I think is happening on a FULL BODY level for you — you feel it especially when you look at your hands in the morning or really any time you look at your hands – to check your nails, to put on your watch. It’s partly how you measure time and growing older. You note to yourself when the last time was that you held his head in your hands, touched someone’s face.

And it’s just starting. The clanging will get louder. Trust me on this one. THE CLANGING WILL GET LOUDER. I’m using this image but what I’m feeling is less of a clang and not a longing but more of a… tick tock tick tock tick tock. And then a chime. Chime. Chime.

(Pulled a card for the clanging, once you truly decide to get in gear with this, you will have even more potential suitors than usual. Having potential suitors was never the problem anyway – 7 of Cups. But I feel like you’ve been out of the game so long that… you’ve taken your theories and isolation to bed, instead of taking another human to bed and the thought of loving another human THAT MUCH again, letting someone into your heart being harder than entering Fort Knox… well… let’s let the Tarot be the punctuation mark on this sentence: KNIGHT OF WANDS. The One for You will not stop until he claims what he came for: EVERYTHING. And maybe that Knight of Wands is YOU. Agreeing to what you must do.

You are going to have to STOP being the 9 of Pentacles (another card I saw here), stop being the strong lone perfect independent woman with the bird of prey on her shoulder.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. And I’m just scratching the surface. You can, will, have love again if you want to, if you choose it. But you haven’t. Yet.

AND THE CLANGING WILL GET LOUDER. Toll of the bell :) Stirring of the pot :) Chime chime chime.

And OH right now you’ve got Jupiter transiting your 7th House with Venus and Pluto in your 1st opposing, and a Grand Cross is born when we include Mars and Uranus. Is the clanging getting louder yet? Why were you born? Why are you here? Jupiter has come to sit on Saturn’s face, to happily sit on all those ways you restrict yourself (Saturn) and cover smother over all your Cancer planets once again, one by one. Until summer of this year. And of course yes I am seeing Jupiter gunning for your 8th already where it will conjoin your sexy Mars in Leo. See, you could find a potential-potential before summer and… really make hay during Jupiter in Leo. That’s one option. The Stars are on your side.

Now I’m not telling you what to do and I know Capricorn Rising is apprehensive BUT LOOK! It all hinges on this Jupiter 7th House transit. NOTICE all your other transits on the OTHER SIDE of your chart! ONLY Jupiter is pulling you into involvement with others. Mars is above you, Uranus below you, and everything else is over there in the land of… personal growth and development! Jupiter in your 7th House is saying “MORE OF THIS PLEASE” and I don’t think it’s about business connections and family although lordy it will be if you don’t… say okay okay okay and GIVE IN.

And, again, I’m not telling you to say “okay.” You are master of your destiny, not me. I’m just reporting what I see and feel from the cards and chart.


Love, MP

On Love And Dying: (For Client X)

I have a new *subscription* service.

Please visit the subscription tab on my new site to see what it entails, to see all the details.

One thing the subscription entails is two blog posts written just for your, your issues, your concerns.

Interesting, I asked the folks who got on board with my new service what they wanted me to write about and most of them said USE YOUR INSTINCT. I TRUST YOU.

One young lady :) said this:

Love and death have been on my mind. More specifically, whether I’ll ever have a romantic love and why most doctors want to tell me I’m dying. But, more importantly whatever you’re moved to write.

Today I want to address the first of her concerns, the more general of her concerns. Love and Death and I want to address what *I* know about love and death.

This morning I pulled two Tarot cards, one for husband, one for me. He got the Three of Cups. I got the Sun. Looks like a good day.

I admit I can be judgmental. Whenever I learn something new, I go on a tear, thinking I know everything. That NOW I’m married I KNOW marriage, I know intimacy.

But the thing is this — I have expedited learning, expedited healing. Mars rules my 8th House. Chiron is sheltered there (Ceres too). This makes the 8th House fast and furious but not always wise ;) And just because I WANT the knowledge, doesn’t mean I have it yet. I’m learning. We all are. 

That said, let me share with you what I know about love. Which is far less than what I know about death and dying. Both my parents had died before my Saturn Return. And in many ways they had died to me before then — because of the choices they made.

What I know about death: the relationships continue. And when someone dies it is a huge terrifying gap (*sometimes*) but it MUST BE. Someone will die first, parent OR child. My grandparents lived for many  more years after my mother’s death. I don’t think either of them recovered from the shock.

I remember… I think it was the first week of her death. I was sitting on the steps of the rented house where I lived with friends, in shock. We were so close. And I had this thought: now I’m free. This thought had zero practical application. I had no life-skills. I remember talking to a client last year — and she was sharing with me THIS VERY THOUGHT and don’t get me wrong — I was beside myself with howling grief — and visitations from her spirit the first week — AND STILL I sat on the steps of that house and had that thought: now I’m free. From what? Death is the great separation. There was now a big break in my life. Who I was before. And now this other unformed mass.

I don’t believe there is any way to prepare for it because grief is physical. It will hit you and you will just have to… find your way. The symptoms of grief are physical, like time travel. I had a girlfriend at the time. She cooked for me. Brought me books about the mourning process. I wasn’t really open to it, I WAS NOT OPEN TO HER LOVE at all, but she saved my life with her good will. (I have Venus square Saturn in my natal chart. Venus square Saturn shuts the door.)

I’m not sure if this is what my buddy had in mind when she asked about death and love but… I’m realizing now these stories tell stories! And tell both stories at once. That one story I tell myself is that I’ve known FAR MORE death than love. Until recently. Until I got married — and am now experiencing love. Different than “family love” i.e. the people you are born to. Different than friendship love. Or the love for my friend’s children. This is something else entirely. It can fill an entire room :) That’s my Virgo side. Always finding a limit to what is unlimited.

What is love? I’m not entirely sure yet. Meaning, I can’t put it into words. But I recognize it now. I can point to it.

What I know about love so far: it exists.

To be continued…

Love, MP

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The Fulfillment Of Unfullfillment: Neptune In The 7th House

Got *really* inspired by a client this morning.

Inspired to talk about NEPTUNE.

Because what she was saying was SO CLEAR to me and Neptune is NOT clear.

She’s got a Pisces Moon and Neptune in her natal 7th and a VERY Venusian chart.

“But it’s not fulfilling,” she cried! (Referring to a love situation but the tentacles of Neptune extend outwards.)

NO. IT’S NOT, I said. Neptune is NEVER fulfilling. Neptune, by its nature is LONGING for what you do not have. Of course it’s NOT fulfilling. You know what fulfills us? (Has the chance to fulfill us – if we give it a chance.) SATURN. Saturn IS. 

And I could say the same thing in a bunch of different ways, but I think that there, above, is plenty. I hope she finds her way. I hope (NEPTUNE!) she takes the gift of inspiration (which she’s got in spades) and obsession (also got that in spades) and turns it toward what she can actually DO and wants to do: WRITE AND LIVE AND LIVE AND WRITE.

Good luck, Miss X! Take those 6th House transits and FIX YOUR LIFE. It’s right there, where it always was, waiting for you.

Love, MP


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Postcard From The Current Class

Something I posted this morning about the Uranus Pluto square: 

“My thoughts on the Uranus Pluto square: “One Story”

This is a moving transit.

By definition transits are just that — moving, in progress. Not done until they are done and the planets are out of orb.

But this is a long one, spanning a few years. And most of the time the planets are NOT exact but they meet up to touch, and then they part — yet remain painfully (or not so painfully, depending on your perspective) in orb.

And I’m trying to put what I feel here into words — that you will be moved. Emotionally, physically, spiritually. You will be moved in very real ways.

I take this square personally, even though it is generational. I feel it personally. I see how it’s doing its thing in my chart, and from the beginning I’ve felt that the “story” of the Uranus Pluto square in my chart will not be told fully until these planets separate and are no longer in orb of making the square. Until then, until we make the break… we have a number of options in regards to “what to do.”

So wherever these guys are — in transit — in your chart — there is, or will be, flux. Even upheaval. Sometimes crisis. Definitely change. And it’s inevitable. It’s something you can’t just nail yourself down to the ground and stop. Or hold your breath and stop. The changes will happen anyway. And sure you can be standing in the same place as you were a few years ago, when it started, but I think that would feel mighty mighty strange — and out of place. Like, the house burned down but you’re still standing there in an empty frame. That’s how it feels to me.

So, live with the transits. I’m not telling you to jump ship. But I am telling you to pay attention.

You find transiting Uranus. You find transiting Pluto. You note the houses. This year, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra have been added to the mix but I think they are more fuel to the fire and secondary stories. Important secondary stories yes or emphasis of themes but there is still a primary Uranus Pluto there for you — depending on the houses and and the planets they are aspecting in your natal.

So my overall advice is to allow yourself to be moved. 

Allow yourself to feel things. To pay attention to your life. Let your life speak to you. Listen closely. 

And know that things will change. Can you accept that things will change? This may be the hardest part of this square. And the changes can be big in a personal way — like marriages, divorces, big career shifts, health issues – for example. And the changes can be small, like turning your head to one side or the other, what you see in your peripheral vision.

That some things you are clinging to now, for your safety and supposed sanity and security… must undergo this process. That you can’t keep all your toys just as they are. Control freaks and stagnation addicts will have the hardest time with this square — those who lack any seed of risk, any seed of FAITH. 

I’m glad that M. talked about Jupiter in Leo TRINING Uranus in Aries in the fall because this transit will be your “balm in Gilead” — some crazy glue for your broken places. A big smile of a transit. 

Am I saying lives will be destroyed, your life? No, not necessarily. For you, it could be a head turn i.e. no outward manifestation at all but a lot of internal angst and roiling. Or maybe you’ll be a witness, bringing cure to the wounded. 

But have you ever played guitar? And strummed a little too hard? Or you re-strung too weakly and one of your strings broke? Oops! Sometimes you have to run to the store and sometimes you have a string handy RIGHT THERE but if you want to play, if you want to write a song with your axe  you need to take that sucker out of the package, uncoil it, and you are going to have to restring. And turn the knobs on the neck tight enough but not too night. Tight but not too tight. So that you can play.

Love, MP



My new site is here! There are many ways to work with me! You can subscribe. You can join a chat room. You can do Independent Study/Apprenticeship. We can design a Reading package just for you or indulge in my FOUR FOR THREE. Let me know what you need and we’ll figure it out! 

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