Strange Days: In Between Eclipses


It was a woman in one of the chat rooms who said that Uranus through her 12th House conjunct her Sun was like someone screaming inside her head all the time — and I was feeling that today, that my transits are screaming.

Uranus is square my Sun (among other transits).

Uranus doesn’t shut up. It may be actual WORDS, speech, or simply through the air, electric, a vibration but you may have noticed that Uranus doesn’t shut up. It keeps on flashing like neon.

I was naive I guess. I thought these two weeks… I thought we’d sail through them in between grossly intense bookends but mostly the vibe I’m getting is stressed and messed and overwhelm.

The Moon is Void of Course as I write this and I did something today that I’d never done before (far as I can recall). I got my days confused. Had someone scheduled for Friday but thought it was for today. That may be no big deal to you, but it is to this Virgo Rising South Node Vesta Moon Pluto person. Mercury is in Pisces though, not known for her filing system! 

But about about THE SKY? 

The Moon enters momma Cancer in about an hour and makes all kinds of aspects tomorrow so momma may be a bit grumpy:

Momma Moon square Sun and South Node and Uranus in Aries. Square the North Node in Libra. The Nodes are pinching us right now. Do you feel it? I feel it. The Full Moon Eclipse will be at 14 degrees. The Nodes are at 10.

YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR LIFE YOU ARE AT A CROSSROADS DO OR DIE. Seriously. This Nodal action is NO JOKE. There is something you have been avoiding and you have to face it BEFORE the Nodes leave Libra/Aries. You have to fix it as best you can BEFORE the switch to Virgo/Pisces. You don’t want to give that mess to Virgo. TRUST ME.

Cancer Moon will also oppose Pluto in Capricorn, trine Neptune, and sextile Venus (Moon Venus = nice!)

Is Moon sextile Venus enough to smooth things over? Moon will trine Chiron and Pisces and square Mars.

I was thinking that I’d like this Venus in Taurus square Jupiter aspect that we’re under, but right now it just feels… confusing to me. Jupiter is retrograde so what internal process exactly is Venus having a problem with? Lack of confidence. Some may think that Venus square Jupiter will overdo the indulgence, but I see the other side of it: that she can’t enjoy herself at all.

If you feel locked in the pressure cooker, at least know that you’re not the only one!

Shall I draw for you a HOPE CARD? Okay :)

The Page of Swords and he looks a bit worried in the New Palladini deck — but you know what this Page is good at?

RISING ABOVE. Rising above it.

So I think the advice is to alternate. Just like the transits do. From sweet Moon Venus sextile to rough Moon Mars square. Do what needs to be done. And then rise. Do what needs to be done. Then rise.



Latest Beliefnet post is HERE: Ace of Swords! 

Details about the POETRY OF PLACE, my on-line Poetry Workshop is HERE

Once the new site is up (soon!) I am raising the price of the 4 for 3 Reading Bundle (although individual readings stay at same rate) so if you want to grab the $300 4 for 3, do so now!

Writing With Aliza: The Poetry Of Place (Class Begins April 10th)

keysI am happy to present to you my first on-line Poetry Workshop
the first of a series, designed to whip up your creativity and get you writing, reading, and seeing. 


What is your place?
Where are you in space?

Poets create worlds.

The poems I will be bringing you and the poems I want us to write — are anchored in the details of place, position, surrounding. Location location location!

Poets are often strong on consciousness or emotion (and I love them too) but sometimes we have no freaking clue where they are.

I want to know WHERE YOU ARE.

You can write about the wall. You can write about the door. The chair. You can write about your city. You can write about your body. Your favorite cafe. Your least favorite pier. Wherever you are. Are you rooted? Adrift? I want you to find out. About snow and sky and chair. And write from there. What do you see and can you describe it. What are your nouns? Nouns are so precious! How present are you? Can you see what is there? What do you see? 

With these thoughts, we begin.

Unlike my astro-tarot classes which are more free flowing, these will have more definite structure. Keep reading.



About Me and Why I’m Doing This

Well I’ve been thinking about doing this ever since I started my Astrology & Tarot classes a few years ago.

Timing is everything.

Many of you know I got my MFA a million years ago :) in my early 20s, and am a poet and playwright.

New work of mine will be appearing here and here and I’m probably most proud of my playwriting and short plays produced. The Lark book (coming out in 2016) will feature a poem-play. But all writing, for me, begins with the poem-utterance. The short phase. The cry!

And when I committed to this business of astrology/blogging/readings, I left behind all other “creative” writing. I am finding my way back.

I also just love teaching :)



How long will the class run? 
Six Weeks. Beginning APRIL 10th
Five Weeks of writing, reading, and new material.
Week Six is for integration.

Where will the class be held?
In a SECRET Group on Facebook. Nobody knows your business there :) except for me and the other participants.
All my classes thus far have been in FB Groups (someday I’ll migrate elsewhere but for now we are there).

(I MAY use a Tumblr actually as long as it’s a clear template, and not confusing at all. I’m building one now and will see if it’s suitable.)

What if I’m not on Facebook OR can’t take the class at this time OR want to work with you privately? 
You can take this as a correspondence class or independent study with me at this time or in the future.

Am I required to participate? 
I prefer lively discussion, but it’s fine if you are shy or prefer to lurk or just don’t have much to say or get too busy to say anything. It happens.

Do I need to be a poet or professional writer to take this course? Do I have to write a sonnet? 
No and no. What is required: an interest in poetry or talking about poetry.

Are there set class times?
Yes and no.

I will be posting new material in the group onMondays and Wednesdays.
And I’ll be around to answer questions. But you can read the posted material ANYTIME.

Each Monday I will be giving you a writing prompt and a handful (between 5-8) of poems for you to read, sent by email or as links posted in the group. There will also be videos (or audios) for you to listen to. I am posting these actually to save you money on having to buy textbooks :)

I am creating the writing prompts to give you structure, constraint, so you can be more free to create :) I want to reign you in while setting your poetic SOUL free.

Very simple example: I may ask you to write a 14 line poem, choosing 10 words from the poems we read that week.
Other assignments may be more devious ;)

Sundays are discussion days when I’ll be posting your poems (with your permission) and discussion topics relevant to the week’s material.

IF you want your poem workshopped, you MUST turn it in to me by Saturday 11:59 pm, EST.

(Workshopping = to have me and the group talk about your poem).

DO I have to share my poetry with the group?
No, you do not.

In fact you don’t have to write at all. You can just observe and listen.

But I will ask you to specify IF you want your poem posted and if you want to receive feedback on your poem that week and what kind you prefer (supportive only, gentle critique, a combination, what would make the poem better, strengths, weaknesses).

What is the cost:
$145 for the class. Slightly higher for independent study. Email me for details.
Paypal me at

GOT QUESTIONS? SEND ME A MESSAGE :) Sooooo looking forward to this. See you there :)


Sleep Closer To The Altar: The Stars This Week

I want time in my day so I can write poems again. And not have my little poem thoughts become blog posts :) 

And there is a book proposal that I want to craft and another book in my head because I want to work with Elizabeth from Lark Books and I sing the lament of the self employed but I am not complaining. Mama MoonPluto gonna figure it out! 

I think I may sleep in the living room tonight so I can be closer to my altar. 



The week starts off slow and steady with Moon in Taurus, my favorite moon sign.

Why is it my favorite? Because of my old friend Esther :) Sagittarius Sun with Taurus Moon. Open door policy to anyone in the neighborhood (which had its problems of course) and food and comfort for all. And those deep Taurus Moon eyes.

Tuesday brings us the Mercury Chiron conjunction in Pisces. This is what I wrote on my Facebook about this aspect:

Conjunctions are fusions. Fused energy. Dependent. Married.
Mercury is your mind. In Pisces, Mercury absorbs the mood of the room and gets overwhelmed.
Chiron is … well Chiron may be making you a little sad this week. Like, deer without a mother sad.
Advice is to pet the deer. Adopt the deer. Love the deer.
And remember that Neptune love is limitless


Wednesday: Sun in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius (retrograde).
Friday: Venus in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo.

You know what? The transits BETWEEN the Eclipses matter. A lot. 

Next week: Venus trine Pluto. Mercury into Aries. Mars into Taurus. Venus Chiron sextile. Mercury trine Saturn. Sun trine Jupiter. All this leads up to the April eclipse and it’s all good. I’d say the spookiest aspect is the Mercury Chiron but Mercury  has wings so not to worry my turtledoves!

Sleep closer to the altar this week, the better your prayers shall rise. I know the Libra Eciipse is stressful. Most of us have had ENOUGH wrecking ball through our Aries/Libra axis these years. I too am happy the Nodes are shifting to Virgo/Pisces this fall. I say that NOW ;)

Did I use the word shocking in the previous blog post? Maybe it won’t be shocking but I think it will be surprising. It’s like… something dead comes back to life IN YOUR LIBRA HOUSE AND IN YOUR PISCES HOUSE NOT KIDDING and, well, that’s not the way nature works usually ;) you don’t know what to do with this… THING! Is it alive? Is it dead? Can you trust it? Will it just die again? Did it really change? Or do you just UNDERSTAND LIFE much better now. 

I don’t know the ultimate answer for you (unless you get a reading of course!) but I think it will be VERY interesting. Pisces and Libra inconjunct on the (natural) wheel so it just doesn’t make sense and yet THERE IT IS!

THE NEW WEBSITE SHOULD be up soon! I’ll finally be presenting my magickal services and my compassionate coaching (Virgo Help for Pisces People!) and some other stuff :) There is still some content I need to add and other technical details but fingers crossed this week.


Full Moon Eclipse In Libra: Change Is Good (she said weakly)

So it may not be an END but it will be a REVELATION.

Could it be a beginning? I say this considering that Ends of Cycles have a reset button, like the hand mudra in the Ten of Swords, signifying you will survive.


Something IS going to change in your relationship. The romantic one OR the one you are having with your LIBRA HOUSE. Or both. I also think for many of you what will change is the relationship you have with yourself. Remember the axis! Libra/We and Aries/ME!

When your rules change, when your ME rules change? Then the relationships change as well.

And yes the Uranus Pluto square, still active, still in orb, has this Eclipse in a headlock. You desperately want to get free of it so you can do what you want to do but ask yourself this: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS SQUARE? What do you need to know before moving on from its lessons? 

April 4th. Total Lunar. Full Moon. LIBRA. 14 degrees. MID DEGREE Cardinal peeps I am not necessarily predicting disaster for you — what I am predicting is change and HELLO I drew the Wheel of Fortune :) the Fortune Faery in the Tarot of the Hidden Realm so please do not fall into fear, do not fall into the fear bed, tucking yourself in and saying goodnight.

Here :)


YOU can choose how to handle the news rather than let it handle you. I know it’s complicated. Easier said than done. I know a lot goes into your moods and your sense of well-being BUT

THE FULL MOON IS SEXTILE JUPITER. That’s your silver lining. All you have to do is look up. I know I know you feel it’s not possible that things can get better. I feel that way sometimes too and the same things have been happening for a long time now.

It gets harder to look up. To have hope that things could change. Be otherwise. Not set in stone.

After all, we have the long past under our belts. Weighing us down. The love handles of the past.

Remember that phrase ? Love handles ? As if we could grasp love with one or both hands.

Try it anyway.


Postcard From The March Astrology Class

ace-of-wandsPosted on Saturday:

“Saturn went retrograde today.
The last Uranus Pluto square is Monday.

So tomorrow is anyone’s guess :)

What sort of energy will be on-hand. Calm before storm? Or just another day?

I was mentioning in one of the chat rooms that I see the Saturn retrograde as a bit of a break – a lessening of intensity of the Saturn GOAL (whatever that is for you) which can be a good thing IF you need a break, need a rest. We can’t always be moving forward. We have to LOOK BACK.

Saturn is a hard driving taskmaster and Sagittarius wants to roam so… I feel that with the retrograde, we wind up staying put. And some of us MAY feel claustrophobic sooner than later and just want to get going ESPECIALLY by the time Saturn moves back into Scorpio in a few months.

Some of you know I’d been very hot on the topic of moving house, but lately I’ve calmed down about it and the RX feels like a break to me “Oh you don’t have to think about that now.”

Some loose ends from Saturn in Scorpio and the previous house need tending.

THE CAR IS IN PARK — that’s how I feel about Saturn in Sagittarius going retrograde.

Now about the Uranus Pluto square – the FINAL SQUARE.

I think this is HUGE and definitely MAJOR end of cycle business in and of itself!

And of course the Houses matter — where these heavenly bodies have been aching away, causing a stalled revolution in your life. Like you want to scream but someone has a hand over your mouth.

Know what I mean? SQUARES ARE FRUSTRATION!!! And we’ve been frustrated by these two planetary energies that HATE being penned in and refuse to be penned in thus causing all sorts of problems in those areas of your chart! There has been NO PEACE there!!!

So there WILL be relief. I can promise you that. Even though Pluto is still transiting such and such house for you and Uranus will be as well, the square breaks apart.

We’ll all be able to BREATHE AGAIN and maybe live again there instead of all this ANGST!!!!!!!! And you know the Nodes in Libra/Aries were ONLY making this worse! Which is why I also wanted to discuss Nodes into Virgo/Pisces.

The exact squares?

June 24, 2012 – Uranus 8 Aries 23, Pluto 8 Capricorn 23 R
September 19, 2012 – Uranus 6 Aries 57 R, Pluto 6 Capricorn 57
May 20, 2013 – Uranus 11 Aries 14, Pluto 11 Capricorn 14 R
November 1, 2013 – Uranus 9 Aries 25 R, Pluto 9 Capricorn 25
April 21, 2014 – Uranus 13 Aries 34, Pluto 13 Capricorn 34 R
Dec 15, 2014 – Uranus 12 Aries 35 R, Pluto 12 Capricorn 35
March 16, 2015 – Uranus 15 Aries 18, Pluto 15 Capricorn 18

And of course there was more and there will be more… Today i am sharing magickal advices for those transits, suggestions, but those I shall keep private :) :) :)

Wishing you good stars!

AND More Thoughts On Oppositions

GoldyThis is from my Facebook Timeline and you can Friend or Follow me!

In Astrology…
the Opposition aspect brings us energy/events/people – this energy comes at us from OUTSIDE – that we must then integrate, make sense of…
And this can be, of course, super stressful.

We must do our shadow-work, acknowledge that opposing planet’s hijinks in our own psyche and daily dealings.

Also with PLUTO transits, especially to the personal planets, you have to learn to… well, you have to LEARN the energy.


How it feels.

Thinking of that toy, the slinky..

Because too much Pluto and you blow EVERYTHING UP.

So be gentle with your energy, in figuring out the energy because it is foreign to you essentially in THIS particular form. Know what I mean? It’s foreign to you in THIS form even if you are a Pluto person!

So think of your Pluto transit, and this may sound counterintuitive, as something very FRAGILE.

Do you want to blow shit up? Well, it depends. Pick your battles.

BUT you may find yourself blowing shit up that you do not want to because you are like a kid trying to manage, handle CONTROL this intense Pluto.

It’s not about controlling it. Mastery is what must occur. Not of Pluto. That’s impossible. But of your own energy.



Recent post on my Pluto Sun opposition 

Eclipse Formidable! Pisces! March 20th!


We have an Eclipse on March 20th.

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces.

And I am NOT a degree-ologist.

You can Google just as well as I can about what 29 degrees means. Be my guest. I’m sure it is interesting. What matters more to me is that 29 Pisces is early Aries (in terms of aspects to your chart) so when you scan your chart for aspects the Eclipse will make, you have to pay attention extra.


I have my natal Uranus at 4 degrees Libra. Yes (oy) the New Moon Eclipse is opposing my Uranus. Yes I will likely move this year and there may be some Uranian type surprise around it. That said, this New Moon is otherwise well aspected for me, with tighter orbs, trining my Neptune in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer.

New Moon is the energy coming from OUTSIDE ME because that is how oppositions work. They are energy from elsewhere, representing OTHERS. So I may get an offer, an invitation. It may be strange (Uranus) or unexpected (Uranus) or even having to do with my work (my Uranus trines my MC but otherwise is un-aspected) and technically this IS my 7th House. I may move in with a partner…
Mind open, eyes open.

Sun enters Aries on Eclipse day. Spring Equinox.

My view:

YES it truly is a super powerful NEW MOON, new energy coming this year to THAT HOUSE of your chart, those areas of life (new partners for me).

Eclipses can feel very WOOSH WOOSH.

Some folks feel it or experience manifestation on the DAY OF or a couple days before or after but truth is… that house of your chart gets re-calibrated. I believe this is true. SO if you need a breath of fresh air there? You will get it. And of course this also means that there could be (likely will be) an ENDING in that House but what is truly emphasized is THE NEW.

Notable aspects
The New Moon is a Sun Moon conjunction thus MEGA PISCES (so we must ask: what is Pisces?? What is Neptune??).
The New Moon is TRINE Saturn.

And we must also ask what is Aries and what is Mars because it feels very much like a fusion to me but ALSO HIGH PISCES. It’s both. It’s all. It’s mega Pisces AND it’s the transition into Aries AND it’s the fusion of the two: bliss that only the fiercest warriors feel :) PLUS Rules from Saturn in Sagittarius, showing us the way. We won’t fall.

Does this make sense? the New Moon IS in Pisces but the transition to Aries Season is on the same day and the Moon trines Saturn in Sag so… we’ve got at least three roads here. Not to confuse us but to bring us to…….

Well, think about the number Three in the Tarot. The finishing touches of the Three of Pentacles. ALMOST DONE. The joy of the Three of Cups. Celebration! Expectation of goodies in the Three of Wands THE SHIPS ARE COMING!


No healing until the separation is complete, ya?

Pisces does this for us. Pisces says goodbye. Dissipates. Dissolves. Disappears. Goodbye. Mist. But then rebirth is minutes later into the NEW YEAR into Aries into the heart of that bliss I was describing above.

Any questions?


PS Class starts this weekend. There is room for a couple more. Message me for info or just visit the previous blog post. $90.

Hello! Class Begins This Weekend!


Some more details:

In case you are curious how my classes work –

Some things we’re going to be talking about in the March Class which begins this weekend — in a SECRET Facebook group.

First I want to talk about magick a bit – in general.
My view.
And I welcome participants views as well. What it is. And how I go about it, in my own life.

And it IS something I do. It’s not theory to me. It’s practice. I love to read about it yes but I live it as well.

And then we will be talking about certain BIG transits such as Saturn going Rx. Saturn going back into Scorpio in a few months. The last UR PL square. The Eclipses. The Nodal shift (in November).

From the general we then go specific, each person gets my take on their chart in regards to these transits plus I take questions and folks are welcome to comment on each other’s charts.

Tarot too — will draw a card at the start and a card at the end for everyone. And extras when folks have questions. As needed!

A special Tarot spread created for this class as well…

Also what’s also special this time around: the magickal details — so I’ll be bringing a bit of magickal lore or guidance a few days a week along with examples of some classic spells. I LOVE spell craft!

I am also going to create ritual or spell for each of the transits we will be discussing. Could be very simple. Could be more complex. We shall see…

There will be homework to create your own. At least for ONE of the transits under discussion.

And then finally the last thing I want to do is give personal magickal guidance for folks, according to their charts/transits…

For example: I may recommend blue candles anointed with Jasmine for someone and I’ll tell them why :)

Three to Four weeks. Learn as you go, participate as much or as little as you want :)

If you are interested in the class, please email me at moonpluto@gmail.

PS Stay tuned for news on the Writing Workshops! Planning a series of these, including a correspondence course! Fun fun fun FINALLY it’s time

What I’m Learning About Pluto Opposition Sun (By Transit)

Aliza-Einhorn-Tarot-Spreads-1What do you do with all the dead dreams? Where do you bury them? 

I asked this on my Facebook Timeline.

Was reminiscing with an old poet friend. He’s the editor of a new poetry journal and I have a poem in there this April.

And there was some memory lane and some memory lane and some memory lane and I’m thinking about writing poems again. The last time I did was when I came back from Las Vegas. Had two drafts and inspiration for many more. Inspiration to fill a Delta flight or two. Or three. It didn’t happen though. Life took over and the Uranus Pluto square was ON and I got distracted and impatient.

Flash forward to my Facebook Timeline this evening and my buddy Andy and me and I was remembering when I was at Iowa and 23 and saying to him: I THOUGHT I KNEW EVERYTHING.

But there were years before that, when I wrote poems, at Florida, took classes with Donald Justice who loved me, and I said to my friend: I was 85% functional. To which Andy had a clever reply but the point of this blog post is when I asked;

What do you do with all the dead dreams? Where do you bury them? 

Pluto is opposing my Sun and thank you very much NO ONE IS GETTING BURIED HERE despite their attempts.

Who is the THEIR? The Pluto people. The ones who want to feed off you and take you down.

But this funny thing happened tonight. As I was feeling myself feeling afraid (and also remembering one of the chat room gals saying she rather feel dead than afraid) and I got a glimpse into the HIGH SIDE of this transit.

Which happens AFTER they slime you because believe me with Pluto opposing your Sun THEY WILL slime you. Even people who you were certain were your supporters. Suddenly YOU MUST BE STOPPED. You’ve grown too big, too scary. Said the wrong thing. And must be stopped.

So they try. And you take the bait. For a while.

And what happens is: you realize this transit is all you, baby. ALL YOURS. 

Yes, there are fuckers in your midst. That part IS true. And they will pull back your head, open your mouth, and spit. And shit.

But what happens after? What then?

I am trying to find the words…

You won’t die. You don’t die. THIS IS PLUTO PLANET OF REBIRTH. REBIRTH OF YOUR SUN WHICH IS YOU. They may try to kill you, destroy you, like the Uranus Pluto square did, but you won’t die and in fact what happens is… it’s not that you get stronger (although that’s part of it). What happens is… the fear shrinks. See? It’s a bit different than the usual paradigm: THIS FEAR IS SO HUGE AND I BECOME EVEN MORE HUGE TO DEAL WITH IT.


Instead you toss it to the side “Oh that thing..”

See the difference?

But this part happens AFTER you go through so many layers and layers of fear that it’s like you run out of layers of fear! None left!

And your posture changes. Did you notice that too? The rib cage? The chin? Shoulders back and down?

So I’ve got this graveyard. I’ve got this graveyard of dead dreams. Starting right now. This graveyard in my head of dead dreams. Oh there was that guy I wanted. And that book I wanted to publish. Unfinished poems. And other things. That I won’t mention here. Pluto values secrecy, you know.

If you are under a Pluto transit (conjunction, square, opposition) the way you get through it is… I just really believe that… you will emerge. Transform. Metamorph! Just like all the astrology books and cliches tell you, about Pluto. It’s actually true.

And it’s not something you can think. It’s something you FEEL that rises up out of your experience the very next time someone tries to break you.

And it’s not that you need to break them back. It’s that you know, perhaps for the first time, in the face of THIS disaster, ONCE AGAIN, that you’ll be alright. The crisis stops being a crisis.

For the first time, you know it.

That’s what this transit is — about that knowing.

Tell me if this rings true, Pluto Sun people.. by transit or in the natal..


But to answer my own question. You can bury them, those dead dreams, but they come back. In new forms maybe, but they come back. And I mean that in a good way :) (Did I just end this crazy blog post on a happy note? Maybe…) 

Goodbye To The Uranus Pluto Square (March 16th)

ace-of-wandsFrankly I’d prefer to flash forward to April.
Just be DONE with the rest of March in an instant!
The final Uranus Pluto square IS upheaval. IT IS.

What will help? If I tell you to remain calm? Will that help? To avoid anyone and anything who could possibly trigger you? That may not be possible.

So I wrote my Beliefnet column and drew the Ace of Wands (the link is here) which I thought was a fabulous card for this energy.


Not at all. Far from it.

No Tower. No Death. No Ten of Swords NOPE but a fragile beginning. I mean, it feels fragile to me BUT the Ace of Wands is NOT fragile. YOU GOT THIS. You, clever fox :)

I then pulled three more cards because TAROT :) and I pulled THREE sevens! And you’ll just have to read the post to get my response to that crazy number but long story short:


No matter how crushed you may feel right now. And TRUST YOUR INTUITION says the Ace of Wands!

The story is ending. That’s the relief here. It’s over. YOUR URANUS PLUTO STORY. Finally. And yes Uranus and Pluto will still be close in orb for a few more months but they separate, they separate and you can give that stinking rotten wood a send off. Burn it. Tear it up. It must be destroyed.

Do not let the Uranus Pluto square zombie golem monster LIVE. 

You have to kill it so that YOU can live.

No matter what other transits you are under at this time, the separation of these two heavenly bodies is a BLESSING. Remember that. When you are cursing the Eclipse or Saturn going retrograde or Mars all up in your grill this week.

And I am sorry you are lost and I am sorry are you confused and I am sorry that you do not know how you will get your needs met but ACE OF WANDS okay?

The Ace of Wands lights your way.


Saturn Has Been Up Your A** All Along And It’s Okay


I was going to write about the week overall but I find that I just can’t.

I need to pick ONE THING for right now and that one thing is Saturn going retrograde on Saturday.

By June Saturn is back in Scorpio.

Early August Saturn goes direct.

We end the year with Saturn at 11 degrees Sagittarius.

But what about the retrograde, MoonPluto? 

Well, those of us who like the Whole Sign house system see this retrograde as a journey to the previous house in our chart (and the themes and problems thereof) but I know many folks use Placidus or Equal and the RX may or may not make that particular difference for them.

The difference exists on another individual level as well, what Saturn will aspect in your chart (natal and progressed) as he goes back to even earlier Sagittarius and then late Scorpio.

Truth is though… from 28 Scorpio to 4 degrees Sagittarius is NOT THAT MUCH. It’s a sign change but still in the conjunction range.  So basically Saturn has still been up your ass all along (in terms of planets he is currently aspecting for you and will continue to aspect even at 28 Scorpio).

I think mostly we are dealing with a philosophical situation but also an intensification of whatever you have around late Scorpio.

Folks around my age are dealing with a Saturn Neptune conjunction. Disillusionment as teacher. Learn your lessons, kids. Your Neptune ruled house is where your eyes open wide.

Is there a chance for redemption and second chances? 



But what about this Saturn changing signs? Do we get a repeat? Do we have to live it over again? Live SATURN IN SCORPIO OVER AGAIN?

That’s not what I’m feeling. I think we get a lessening of stress for those who are currently hit hard. The retrograde in and of itself helps, is a break, a breath.

Yes I know I’m talking about Saturn retrograde like it’s some kind of spa day, but for some of you it may be.

To be continued… 


Class Begins THIS WEEKEND: The Last Uranus Pluto Square WHAT NOW?

byeI’ll be back later today to talk about THE STARS this week and next

First: the BUSINESS.

If you are unfamiliar with how my classes work, please email me at and I’ll explain it to you, more details, the cost, etc.

Class begins THIS WEEKEND. It likely will run 3-4 weeks.

It is an Astrology class yes! Focusing on current and upcoming INTENSE transits. We look at individual charts. I pull Tarot cards for all. The course is learn/participate at your own pace in a private Facebook group. I prefer small groups, between 7 and 12 is ideal.

What’s special :) this time around is the magick.

This is what I just posted on Facebook:

The March Class (beginning this weekend) will also include SPELLS OF THE DAY
My own creations or creative adaptations… to help you GET THROUGH the wild transits that are here and on the way…
Magick for the Uranus Pluto square
Magick for Eclipse Season
Magick for Saturn going retrograde!!
AND THE NODES shifting to Virgo/Pisces (in November)
I am excited about adding this stuff in :)
You know what a ritual is? A ritual is taking an INTENTION and adding something PHYSICAL to it.
Intention and emotion is all you need BUT actually DOING SOMETHING can be so helpful:
-to beautify your intention
-to intensify your intention
Rituals are prayers…. Prayers + ACTION.
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Sun conjunct Chiron: The Stars Today


I do not underestimate Chiron, in term of problems he can potentially cause. I have an astrologer friend who minimizes his effects, but not me.

To me, Chiron is a tumor that cannot be cut out, so we live it. We live as long our fate demands we live, and then we die with our Chiron. The tumor grows or shrinks at times, but never entirely disappears. Chiron. Can’t be healed.

So what happens with Chiron in Pisces and the Sun is in Pisces and the two fuse to such a degree (the aspect called conjunction) that they act together in all matters of the Pisces House of your chart and not just for today but for a couple leading up to today and a couple days after, because that’s how transits work — they are more than just one day.

We have to ask: what is the Sun? I think even more than Mars, the Sun is what drives you. And it’s your vitality. It’s your brightness. Your light. Chiron is sitting in the Sun these days, sunning himself, fanning himself, enjoying the rays, the smell of Coppertone, the roar of the ocean or the giggles by the pool, the gentle slapping sound of heel against flip flop,

How do you think Chiron feels about this? About being exposed like this. About being DELIGHTED like this. Do you think Chiron wants to be delighted? Do you really think he wants to STOP?

Well I think a lot of this depends on how YOU view the Sun. Whether you view Sun as a “cruel” planet or whether you think the Sun by transit is merely a point of emphasis: “Oh I will need to focus THERE for the next 30 days or so because the Sun is there so that House is emphasized or illuminated for me.”

And a lot of this depends on what Chiron in Pisces is doing to your chart at this time, the aspects it is making.

But above and beyond that, Chiron the Tumor has company now and, as they say, misery loves company. SO I think that Chiron IS happier, in his unhealable wounds and his country doctor remedies and it would be in your best interest, in my humble opinion, to pay attention to what he is telling you.

ALSO remember that Chiron was a centaur and the centaurs were a wild bunch for the most part. Even though Chiron has this Virgoan sacrificial goody-two-shoes can’t-be-healed-or-fixed (Virgo’s worst nightmare) all over him, more civilized than your average Centaur, he’s still part ANIMAL, part beast and thus his knowledge is… kind of dirty, grounded in instinct and self-preservation. He may have licked his own ass. I bet you know someone like this, right? Someone who really does some good in this world but at the end of the day, they can’t help but swallow their own shit. They wallow. Yes I am thinking about the trope of the therapist who can help others but not himself. So easy to analyze others. Much harder to turn that light on yourself well HELLO SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON TURN THAT LIGHT ON.

Chiron is where you survive. Where you have survived. Where they wanted to kill you. Where it felt like that. You may be falling apart limb from limb every damn time your Chiron gets triggered, but you’re here. UGH. So now what? 

When the Sun conjoins Chiron we are forced to deal with our Chiron issues once again. Not that we ever seal him off completely — other people usually trigger his defensiveness and knee-jerk self-help-isms and false recoveries and brutal blinding PAIN YES PAIN.

But how about you buy Chiron a drink, one drink, one of those fruity tiny umbrella drinks, because Chiron is basking in the Sun by the pool after all, like a contented feline, and ask him what’s going on. He may tell you some things, some very interesting things. And maybe you want to know and maybe you don’t but some of us prefer to be less in the dark about these things.

I was never much of a barfly but I do know this: that bartenders are saviors and your Sun is the tender here. Tell him everything, and then get back to work which means live your life, with your tumor, knowing that it can never be cut out and will never disappear, and you’re stuck with it. It’s not you, but it’s IN you. May as well make the best of it which can include shouting it from the rooftops: HEY LOOK AT THIS FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT THAT I HAVE IN ME IT IS SUCH A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT I HATE IT!!!

The more light you ring around Chiron, the less fear, defensiveness, and shame. And the Sun can do this. Help us out of our hidden place :)


Latest post on Beliefnet: QUEEN OF PENTACLES

I am doing a March class! Here is the Facebook posting:

Folks have been writing me:
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The March and April Eclipses– Out with the old, in with the NEW.
THE NODES!!!! Shifting from Libra/Aries to Virgo/Pisces! (The Nodes shift in November but I want to start talking about this)
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Blood Story For The Full Moon In Virgo


I am hungry for so much. I am one of the passionate ones.

And I could talk to you about Saturn going retrograde and the last Uranus Pluto square and the Eclipses AND I WILL.

But first I want to talk about hunger. I am hungry to bleed.

My moon cycle is late and the last time it disappeared like this was the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius when overexercise turned into a kind of anorexia and this morning I was thinking that my body is hungry. My body is TOO HUNGRY to release.

For many women, there is a “normal abnormal” — cycle fluctuations, no matter the age but especially this age, mid-life, for me. So I made an acupuncture appointment (which is calling in the big guns) for next week and fingers crossed. He is very potent needle-smith. Drew cards for this. VERY good cards.

And as I type here I have that heavy tired feeling. Will it come? Is it coming? When will it come. My friend, my old friend. Don’t go yet. I still need you.


I was trying to explain it to a man.

Which is the start to a stand-up routine.

But seriously–

He asked: is it just psychological.

I told him no.

I mean, it IS psychological, emotional, hormonal, physical, SPIRITUAL.

All of me is involved in this process. Who am I if I am not my blood? That which is released, over and over, each Moon in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and then the cycle of nourishment and release begins again. 

Since I was a young girl – a young girl – 12 – I have bled every month without fail (except for that time period I mentioned above). It’s hard to put into words my confusion in this state of un-flow.

So about this Full Moon in Virgo, in my 1st House, conjunct my natal moon (widely) which is a health house, and Virgo being a health sign, concerned with wellness, wellbeing and order and detox and POISON, I have just this one intention, desire. To get my body back on Virgo Moon track. Full Moons are oppositions though. Order vs. Chaos. Virgo vs. Pisces. Analysis vs. KNOWING. Intellect vs. Feeling.  Work vs. Rest, Sleep, & Dreams. 6th House of daily routine vs. 12th House of.. we’re all just a bunch of star fish here swimming along swimming along swimming along in the solitude of this magnificent library housing the Akashic Records and…

Is my life calling to me? My life is always calling to me. And yours is to you — to pay attention, listen, to the body. How much stress are you **really** under? You don’t even notice how much. Full Moon in Virgo is a Full Moon in Body. Maybe you need to LIVE differently. Maybe your OLD Virgo ways need to be released and you need NEW Virgo ways. Virgo ways that bring in the Pisces side. Yes yes yes I know the Pisces in your life are maniacs too but I am talking archetypes here, ideals.

Friends, Star Lovers, I wish you a beautiful magical FULL Full Moon in Virgo, the sign of the witch and the midwife and all helpers everywhere. 

May you receive the help you need. 


Our Hearts Break And We Can’t Keep Them Open: Thoughts On The Full Moon In Virgo

empress-2I was getting my tea and dinner together, realizing that when the heart breaks, the heart chakra closes and tightens just a little more and a little more and a little more until one day, despite whatever the accomplishments are, whatever relationships you have, there’s something not… functioning. Not open. YES I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS but I felt this – in the moment. Today. And I opened up my heart again. Muscles get weak when we do not use them. And we do not use them for any number of reasons.

Childhood trauma no. 1 and the heart breaks. Childhood trauma no. 2 and the heart breaks. Childhood trauma no. 3 and the heart breaks and not only doesn’t your heart chakra breathe and sing and spin but has stopped DEAD in its tracks.

You are very much alive but with a dead heart. 

So I asked a friend from where he does his readings (he’s also an astrologer) and he gestured to a place above his head. So, third eye but also the intellect. Same place as me. Searching for answers, analyzing charts.

Then I remembered a reading I had back in December where my guy was talking about “seeing with the eyes of the heart” and he was talking about me and my work quite specifically, me and my life quite specifically, about how I was not seeing with the eyes of the heart (and there was more but sparing you the details).

It’s different. Feels totally different. Not to shut down the third eye or the mind but to add in this muscle. I don’t mean to make it sound like a Virgo Moon recipe. It’s not a recipe.

But the heart breaks, Aliza. What do we do?
I’ll let you know what I discover.

How do we keep it open?
I’ll let you know what I discover :)

But right now I use visualization (for keeping it open) and I know it when I feel it – when it’s open.

What if it’s been broken a long time? 
Never too late.

Does it hurt? 
YES. But it’s that good kind of hurt. The kind that comes from CLARITY.
Ace of Swords.

So I challenge you:

to find the chakra(s) from which you NEED to see (especially if you are a reader/healer of any kind) because it may not be third eye or crown or even heart. You may need to see from your root or sacral or…

Why is this a Full Moon in Virgo post?

Because Virgo is the analyst and Pisces… is not :)

Because the Full Moon’s job is to REVEAL, to make you see, make you see not only your Virgo shut-tight-ness (we all have Virgo somewhere in our charts) but also what’s available to you from the Pisces side: love. And seeing with the eyes of the heart.

Oh. And this. You don’t have to be all healed perfect redeemed flawless to open your heart chakra. Try breathing from there as an exercise. See where that gets you.

Saturn Transit Through The 4th House (part 3 of many, eventually adding up to a whole)


This transit is so deep, deep down below, I know I’m just beginning to understand it.

And yes for many it will be about building a base — home and family. Root establishment. Root reckoning. And reckoning with the past. Home and family. Who the hell ARE THEY? Who the hell are they to you? Then and now. Saturn compels you to DEFINE. You cannot ignore Saturn EVER. And you surely cannot ignore Saturn moving through the base of the chart.

For some grown-ups of a certain age, Saturn through the 4th may be a reckoning around children — that you aren’t going to have any. Or that you are. Home selling, home buying. Moving.

Last night I typed this into my phone, to post here today :)

Saturn 4th is like a mirror to the rest of the chart. Shows you exactly what’s going on. You can’t hide.

It’s the vagina of the chart. The opening. And from there you see all.

Saturn is truth: truth about where you come from, who is there now, who you can count on.

Saturn is time. With Saturn we remember. Remember your family under this transit. Count them.

This is the memorial transit.

Slight tangent: I’m now too old and too conscious to throw people away. I used to throw people away all the time.

I made a new friend recently who turned out not to be a friend. I would like to shake him now. Don’t you see ? That you are too old to throw people away? But Saturn is not transiting his 4th House :)

I’m not advocating bad boundaries or being around abusive people or bad-for-you people BUT you get to a certain age and you decide to stop running. That is all :)

Wishing you good stars xx

NEW POST IS UP ON BELIEFNET – Six of Pentacles is Today’s Tarot 

Man’s Job & The Uranus Pluto Square

"uranus pluto square" You know this already.

The last Uranus Pluto square is coming. The cycle is ending. From summer 2012 until NOW. The last square is exact on… March 16th but really ALL of March is a hot spot for this aspect. Even in APRIL they are still traveling very close together and Pluto goes retrograde as Uranus continues forward and… I still believe the cycle is ending. Get ready to pick up the pieces. Oy. You may need a mask. Gloves. Company. You don’t want to dig through that alone. It’s kinda gross.

If you need a reminder :) revisit your Capricorn house and your Aries house and you’ll see what has not only been unstable but wretched. Painful. Getting stabbed in the eyes painful. And the heart. And everywhere. I’m sorry.

BUT THE CYCLE IS ENDING (in my 5th and 8th. What about you?).

And I was waking up this morning and thinking about my 5th and my 8th and this is more addressed to the ladies reading this although I won’t forbid the men from identifying but…

After such a HEAVY transit to the 5th and your 8th, once you realize that no man (or woman) will ever save you, CAN never save you, that that is not man’s job, that you have been fed this even when you thought you weren’t fed this because you are so smart and always were, no white horse Knights, no one coming to redeem you, that only YOU can redeem you, and you realize you do not even WANT a man to save you, what is left? 

What’s left is choice.

I made a short list of potentials:

friendship, companionship, camaraderie, sex, hot and dirty sex, family (making a family), creating a home, story, mystery, story, mystery, story, mystery. All without that icky Neptune/12th House fairy tale paradigm.

And I do know women and I do have clients who — I don’t want to say they bought the myth — but that the myth bought them. And you know what? IT’S NOT SATISFYING. They often (not all but often) begin to look elsewhere, for a new Knight, a better Knight. Sometimes just a DIFFERENT Knight. See, this irritable reaching after rescue denies you… denies you something so very very valuable, above and beyond your price.

But back to the Uranus Pluto square. What questions are YOU asking? What questions are you asking NOW?


Housekeeping Routines For The Weird

"moon conjunct pluto" Lately I think a lot about… magick and sacred space, space clearing, power, peace, protection, about dispersal of negativity and how intention matters more than any tool or object but how helpful it is to have the object, like the Tarot deck in which to gaze upon and look away, gaze upon, look away… I think about a lot of things.

From my Facebook this morning:

A bowl or cup of dried rose in water will suck negative energy out of your environment. I learned this from a Medicine Woman back in December and it’s time for me to get more rose from Flower Power. I put some out last night. IT WORKS.

Not that our bodies or our spaces are bad but DUST EXISTS. Schmutz exists. Consider it Housekeeping. 

HOUSEKEEPING. It all goes hand in hand for me. My magic is practical. Moon conjunct Pluto in VIRGO, the nurse, fixer, healer. The transmutation of the space, the place, and the EMOTIONAL body. CHANGE. TRANSFORMATION.

Also from my Facebook today: 

On doing ritual work today (candle magick and meditation) to transmute feelings. Feelings that may feel dark and heavy and gunky unpleasant and did you know that you can “deal” with feelings in THIS way too? DEFINITELY A MOON PLUTO TOPIC.

Some people let feelings FESTER and they sink down. Some deny. Some let them flow. Some let them just be there, without any action. Well THIS is another way, another option. Through magick.

"saturn in sagittarius"So the next time your feelings are heavy and sharp and intense and distracting you from what you need to do, think about this. About developing new skills, practices.

ALSO on working from home and having a Uranus-ruled 6th House: 

Folks who work from home, self-employed or not, you need ROUTINE yes but some of us need routine + wandering… (or even if you don’t work from home but are organizing your time when home):

I am thinking of a gal with a 6th House Aquarius Moon – she has got to do her own schedule her own way! I don’t have Moon there but my 6th is Uranus ruled.

I work in these “weird” patterns but I also can have laser beam organized focus.

I have different work spaces and go from room to room and long as I’m organized? I don’t get overwhelmed but I need that TO-DO list to be PRISTINE. I am working on the FLOOR today with all my papers and notebooks spread out around me. THE DESK IS NOT ENOUGH. The desk has books and tea and more papers and…

… I start to wonder if I could keep this apartment after all, so much good space but it’s a particularly quiet Saturday morning. It isn’t always that way.

How do you keep house? 


PS I’m so excited for my blog makeover this month! Stay tuned for new look and new goodies!

50 Shades Of Venus & Mars Entering My Eight House

"50 shades of grey" Both Venus and Mars enter my 8th House this week… 

It’s possible that what you want has changed.
It’s possible that what you want in terms of love and romance and relationship has changed.
Be open to that possibility this Valentine’s Day. Listen to your heart.

I know that I’ve changed in the last year but… it takes a brain re-route to even realize it sometimes. To not chase after the same pattern. Takes some effort to stop and ask WHAT DO I WANT?

Once upon a time I wanted one thing. Was certain of it. And now?

Ya know, I only read a small snippet of 50 Shades of Grey (thought it was boring and badly written which is what made it boring) but this morning have been reading some of the movie reviews (New Yorker’s is hilarious) and one in particular struck me — about a movie theatre full of women and one man and…

Such a popular book, something is speaking to WOMEN from this book – about their desire, their sexuality.

I love a good bad movie as much as the next person. I assume that’s what this is. I’ll probably watch it when it shows up on Amazon. But of course THERE IS MORE. There is a cultural conversation here but also a more personal one and that’s what is fascinating me.

So I’m not going to be cynical about all this. That’s boring too. To be snarky and cynical. What’s more interesting to me is why a certain something captures woman’s imagination.

(Far as movies that delve into bdsm and its friends, I recommend the Night Porter, always my personal favorite but not for the faint of heart. It’s a Holocaust movie as well. I always liked my psycho-sexual movies with an edge.)

N FACT I think NOT taking this movie seriously (as part of the conversation around what women want) is more misogyny plain and simple. Women are responding. This matters. Continuing to make a joke of it rather than paying attention… it just misses the point. Women want more from their sexual and romantic lives than they are getting.

In mid-life, rarely has my passion and sexuality and emotional MATURITY been matched.

I even had a relationship with a devastating lack of passion and sexuality and was told that “all relationships have problems.”  Um, no. Some issues are DEAL BREAKERS. And then I was belittled for finding this devastating.

So maybe we can listen to what this movie has to say. At first I thought it was weird. Seeing women on the train reading this book. Soft core porn in public? WTF? Aren’t they embarrassed?

They I realized WHY SHOULD THEY BE? Why is female desire embarrassing? And yet (straight) men can spread theirs around 24/7 (i.e. the media machine).

I will be 45 this summer. I don’t know what I want anymore in terms of love, romance, sex, desire. I know what my Neptune falls into but… that’s mostly habit/pattern. When I actually engage my mind and heart, I realize I don’t know what I want except to NOT repeat the past.

"50 shades of grey"

A Better Place: The Final Uranus Pluto Square

"uranus square pluto" Thinking about power, powerlessness, childhood. How our feelings of powerlessness originate in childhood. I said to some of the ladies in the chat room: I had no idea. No one ever told me. How could they? Why would they? And maybe they were afraid. They were powerless themselves.

So we (some of us) spend our grown up years trying to get back there – back to what is ours but what was denied or taken. And if only we KNEW. Had known. If only. IF ONLY SOMEONE HAD TOLD US. That we were golden wellspring magical amazing. Enough people tell you and you start to listen. You start to hear.

I feel so happy right now. I want to scream it from the rooftop. I don’t even know what I would scream. But what I feel is… free. And no I didn’t win the lottery. I’m not off on any great adventure today except THIS ONE — talking to you here. One cat on the bed. One blanket fresh and clean from the laundromat. Nothing perfect. Nothing settled. But CLARITY is here. And she is REALLY cool :)

This was also on my mind: why it’s so damn hard for some people to RECEIVE something good, to receive a gift. How they always feel they have to pay back and pay back double triple.

So that’s what’s for dinner at the Aliza cafe :) a discussion of powerlessness, childhood, being a grown up, and the capacity to RECEIVE. Take a seat at the table :)


Uranus and Pluto will square ONE MORE TIME, on March 16th. They will still remain buddies for a bit (remind me I’ll check my book for how many months they are still close together) but one more exact square.

A cycle is ending. And it’s actually been a whole lot worse than you were willing to admit or see. Maybe. Denial can be helpful like that. Until it’s not. I mean, you weren’t blaming the Uranus Pluto square perhaps because you were SO DEEP IN IT, but you probably should have. If you aren’t feeling that clarity then please WAKE UP and revisit your Capricorn and Aries Houses. And if you feel terrified to look, then look anyway. If you are afraid you’ve made a mess of your life, then look anyway. Mourn if you must. These cycles were larger and more powerful than any of us. I’m so sorry.

If you fail this test… if you fail this test, well… I don’t know who is going to be able to guard the door for you. Please don’t fail this test. Please look. It’s that simple.

I’m just going to assume all y’all are in a better place. Or heading there real soon now. Even if death. Even if loss. Even if dark night soul night. If you are reading this, count yourself in.


Why The North Node In Libra Has Been Exhausting You

"north node in libra" Not a gripe, but an observation:

Thinking about Libra and the 7th House and their reputation for desiring balance/fairness, as well as their reputation for debate/devil’s advocate — (and NOT fairness in terms of ETHICS. Let me explain.)

See, it is arbitrary. It is not personal. It is a knee jerk reaction. They CANNOT help it.

Example: If YOU say chocolate, they will say vanilla.

Why? To create balance. To make it FAIR. If you say chocolate then OF COURSE vanilla needs a voice as well. Even if vanilla has nothing to do with anything and no one wants vanilla anyway!

That’s why we think they want to debate all the time. Due to the compulsion to fill in the other side.
No matter how inane.

I am NOT saying all Libra are inane. BUT I am saying that sometimes this compulsion for fairness trumps all sense!!!!

And you say to your Libra or 7th House friend: WTF? Why are you arguing for vanilla. You HATE vanilla.

It’s really spooky to see this in action. It’s like they HAVE to say NO to balance your YES or say YES to balance your NO.

And then NO one’s needs get met. Except for the Libra who had to create balance.


Help From A Gemini & The Stars Next Week

"new moon in aquarius" My mind is blown, truly.

Perfect for Mercury gone direct in Aquarius yesterday.
My mind is blown because I did a reading for a client this afternoon and then we chatted a bit and SHE told ME some things.

What’s on my mind:

mind being blown! information, integration, synchronicity, releasing patterns, understanding, releasing anger, CLARITY and remembering today that I pulled the JUSTICE card. TRUTH. Justice in the Tarot is NOT blindfolded.

Basically she turned on a light for me.

One thing we were talking about: THE GODDESS.

And it came up how I never quite resonate to/with Goddess talk or even that word GODDESS or Goddess imagery and suddenly IT CLICKED when Athena was mentioned. I was the one who mentioned Athena and then Vesta and recalled these other Goddesses because, see, what was in my head was some… gauzy mystical vaguely witchy bell-sleeved Lady, kind of cartoonish or can’t quite picture THE GODDESS (huh? who?) not so REAL……… even that word GODDESS and the idea of channeling THE Goddess or embodying Goddess energy just left me cold. It just DID NOT MAKE SENSE. There was a disconnect.

But all along, all along, all this time THERE SHE WAS and here she has been. Hecate. Vesta. Images from the Tarot, including the Page of Pentacles from the Tarot Illuminati. And more and more and more. The Goddess has many faces, she said.

Some huge part of me had no idea… who I was, what I was doing. I mean I was DOING IT but lacked a consciousness about it. The magick that I create on a daily basis in my HOME…

But now I get it, am starting to — so THANK YOU Gemini Lady. Something clicked in my brain. I suddenly SAW. You turned on a light for me. Funny I’m a professional Reader and here I am writing a testimonial for my client :)

"venus mars conjunction"NEXT WEEK:

It doesn’t matter fuck all (to me) whether the New Moon is at 29 Aquarius or Zero Pisces — except for bloggers (like myself) who want to riff on Aqua energy this or Pisces energy that. If 29 Aqua aspects your chart, it shall aspect early Pisces AS WELL.


February 18th: SUN ENTERS PISCES and New Moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees (my 7th House, what about you?)
February 19th: MARS ENTERS ARIES (my 8th House, what about you?)
February 22nd: VENUS MARS CONJUNCTION at 1 degree (really hot really bothered)

What I love about ARIES SEASON this year: we get trines to Saturn & Jupiter! 

But about the NEW MOON: yes it does square Saturn. Yes it conjoins NEPTUNE.

Sensitive empathic psychic Moon Neptune square Mistress Saturn ;)

I just posted this on my Facebook page:

It’s NOT that you’re so diseased and need fixing.
It’s that you need to see the PATTERNS. We’re all wounded.
In love life for example:
who YOU keep choosing. Who you keep attracting. Who keeps choosing you. And when you say NO and when you say YES.
And once you see the patterns oh man your life splits open and you stop living the diseased archetypes that have kept you stuck.
See the difference? You keep living out the same damn story. It’s a STORY. A PATTERN.
But it’s not YOU.
An old therapist said to me once: YOU ARE NOT THE BUMPY ROAD, the bumpy road I kept walking on.
You don’t have to be perfect unsoiled totally solved and REDEEMED before you can love and be loved!

Pisces square Sagittarius feels dangerous to me. Where the hell is the reality? Excess escapism. I think Saturn can get lost in Sag, can drown in this aspect. You may get overwhelmed by your dear dear dreams/illusions/fantasies. That’s the danger. That Saturn can’t do his job of policing, of bringing reality back.

I’m not WORRIED about this New Moon for you… just pondering…


"saturn in sagittarius"Ask the questions you feel compelled to ask. Keep asking them. You’ll get answers. Only thing is — you can’t always predict the timing or from where the answers come. In my experience they come from multiple sources. I implore you to PAY ATTENTION. LISTEN. 

The answers I got today? I was asking these questions – with my dry erase board – last year.
But life got in the way. I remember I had the entire board filled with… some of the answer but a lot of the search.

I couldn’t really work on it though. I had to work on this other stuff first — my marriage falling apart, eviction from my apartment, moving to a new place in a new borough and the expense of that (physical and mental), the assault, seeing the truth of what was happening and had been happening, so much so much so much DRAMA. Once upon a time my life was not a Jerry Springer episode. URANUS PLUTO SQUARE (the last square) brings an END to this cycle. South Node transiting my 8th House (of dramarama). I look back and I know THIS cycle is ending.

And how I got here in tact, sane, working with inspiring clients and increasing in magick is… anyone’s guess. Resurrection? High Magick :) Resurrection. How did I get here? Day by day. Making choices. Every day a choice.

May you be blessed, all of you. I’m here for you. Drop me a line. Oh and I am doing (monthly and sometimes weekly!) Tarotscope videos (audio mostly) for all signs on YouTube 

FINALLY this month website getting a makeover!! Stay tuned for the new :)

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