About Aliza

I am forever tinkering with my ABOUT page. To be edited again soon no doubt!

I have questions for you!

Are you wondering what’s next?  Seeking insight into your life at this time? Why things are the way they are.
Wondering why you are the way you are? This is one of the things astrology was made for!

Maybe you seek guidance with your spells. Have you been working on your witchcraft? 🙂

I’m an astrologer, tarot reader, medium, and healer, with clients all over the globe.
I love the deep questions and helping folks make sense of their dark nights of the soul.

I was always this way, so I’m told — someone who sees deeply and can help others. All the challenges of life only made these qualities more pronounced. Once I got the courage to do Readings, years ago, there was no turning back.

I’ve been doing this work since 2011 and at that time I was a pet sitter in NYC!  Eventually I left pet sitting (yes I did both for a while!) and starting doing astrology and tarot (readings and teaching on-line) full time after years of study.

For the first time in my life, my life made sense. I didn’t have that split between: here is my art vs here is how I make my living.  See, while in my 20s, I got my MFA in Creative Writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and am a poet and playwright.  I was always a writer first and foremost (and my first book comes out June 1st – an astrology book not a poetry book! Something I could not have predicted). Some day I may not do as many Readings as I do these days. I love it but I am hoping to devote more of my later years to book writing.

My influences include:

To be continued…


"jupiter in scorpio"