About Aliza

Until I thoroughly rewrite this page, here’s this: 


-I lived in New York City for many years. I love Penn Station. 

-I have an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop which I got when I was 23. I was a poet and then playwright and had short plays produced in Ohio, NYC, New Mexico, Florida… and probably forgetting a few! 

-When I committed to astrology (as my living) I decided to ONLY blog and left poetry and plays behind.

-The Little Book of Saturn is my first book (published by Weiser Books June 1st, 2018). A Patron recently told me that it reads like a novel! I loved that!

-I’m a writer first and foremost but became an astrologer and tarot reader. I had a reading, gosh, years ago, that convinced me of my innate intuitive abilities. I had no idea until someone told me. 

-I’m told that I was a comforting presence and helping people even when I was child. Didn’t pick up a Tarot deck or learn to read a chart until my 30s. 

-I love cats (and dogs)

-I was born and raised Jewish and have been known to call myself a Jewish Witch

-And yet I love the Catholic Saints

-To Be Continued…

"jupiter in scorpio"