Zen Of The Ride: Full Moon In Leo

Today I went to a motorcycle show in the Big City and then went for a motorcycle ride (as a passenger).

Only my second time on the bike, on any bike, ever.

And she gave me some rules for the road which boiled down to, basically, this:

I’m the driver and you’re not i.e. when I turn right, don’t lean over to the right. Or the left. Stay centered. And hold on tight.

I couldn’t see in front of me. Not at all. Her head, her helmet, was in the way. So I could look to the left or to the right but couldn’t tell if she was going to turn left or right, if there was a curvy road or an uphill or a downhill. It was a mystery until it happened. I couldn’t get anxious. I could only be in the present moment: chilly, fun, fast, alive.

It frightened me a little but I liked it. I couldn’t not smile. And before I got on the bike, these two ladies started talking to us. I was distracted, putting on my new helmet and one of them was saying how she was afraid of those things and she wished us well, that we get to our destination safely.

Our next Full Moon is in Leo on the 26th and if Full Moons are about what needs to be let go from your life and Leo is (among other things) about what gives you pleasure, think about what holds you back from seeking yours. What would bring you joy, more joy?

The ride today did give me pleasure but it was more than that. It was… death-defying. One false move and…………………………..

Oh. Pluto is beginning to transit my 5th House: a perfect transit for this experience. 5th House is associated with Leo/fun and Pluto is death and change. For many of us, there are no “light” times, or they are few and far between. The world is imbued with meaning, always, and wouldn’t have it any other way. And meaning, by the way, does not mean lack of pleasure or lack of fun.

Will you experience an ending or a culmination in that part of your chart/life? Maybe. Maybe the hard work will finally pay off. I don’t even want to go into the aspects yet. Just find 7 degrees Leo in your chart and tell us what you see, what you feel it could mean for you. Is there something or someone you want to let go?


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