Yourself Reflected: in the 12th House

Ever meet someone with a chart like yours? Even a few placements? And it’s like looking in a mirror? I had this experience yesterday. It was unplanned but I got a chance to visit someone’s chart and my eyes went around the wheel and aha! He had Venus in Pisces in the 12th! And Pisces Rising. And it made me understand him so much more and, in a way, helped me experience myself 🙂

Not being able to see myself clearly is something I am used to, but I pride myself on being able to see others clearly, although often what I see are the undercurrents and secret messages and missing the surface, at times. Or being shocked by the surface. Now I had guessed this person’s Sun and Rising many times and had gotten it wrong although I knew he had Scorpio elements. I could feel that absolutely. The Scorpio Moon was proof of that, along with a 7th house Pluto and Sun Mars conjunction.

But the most interesting thing to me was his Venus. No, that’s not a Freudian slip, people. Venus in Pisces in the 12th house. His Venus in the sign it should be AND in the house it should be. I know astrologers will disagree with that and 12th House people will too, but Venus in the 12th? The compassion is palpable. And I swear I’m not talking about myself because I don’t feel it in myself; but I felt it in him. Pisces/Neptune/12th House: on that game show the 20,000 Dollar Pyramid these would go under the category “Things That You Feel.”

Somehow the word “compassion” never seems to capture it. Words (so very Virgo) never seem to capture it. It has to be experienced. Felt. So there we were, me and him, and a friend of his too and she didn’t know what the hell I was talking about and all I knew was everything made sense now. I mean, made more sense. About Venus. I can think of no better placement than the serve and suffer 12th House. So maybe no one will see you. Maybe no one will know you are alive. Maybe you’ll marry late because you are invisible BUT a 12th House Venus is a secret (of course) weapon like no other. Endless endless endless endless endlessly… loving.

Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus (says Isabel Hickey). Venus is personal love and Neptune is divine love. When these two are in combination, suffering is guaranteed but so are the rewards, and again rewards as a word is inadequate. I’ve written a bit about needing to redeem planets from the 12th House, and I still hold by that, but my vision is… shifting a bit. More to come on this. And hopefully with more words, better words, accurate words.

Note to self: or, perhaps, a song

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