Your Weekly Horoscope! November 5th – 11th

"horoscope for virgo"Aries: You’ll get through it, Aries. I promise. I’m seeing a rough patch, or that you just got through one, and you’re hurting. Confused. I’m sending you love. And what I’m seeing are reversals. Things change and then change back again. What do you do when you feel uncertain? Do that thing NOW. And then do it again. Wouldn’t you rather know the truth? It’s here.

Taurus: There’s an offering you need to make but to who? Is it to a love interest? Is it to Spirit/Source? The guidance here is to take your time (which is good for Taurus!) but dust off your altar and add another candle. You are sensitive and the world doesn’t always see this. They see your steady, solid form and think “Oh she can handle it.” This week, let them know how you feel. 

Gemini: Such happy energy for Gemini. A big gulp of fresh air, you’re on your way back home after a dark tumble. Enjoy. Feel it, appreciate it. I know your nerves get the best of you at times, suspicions, mind on overdrive, like a shadow is following you. The good news is that you *can* relax. Keep your loved ones close and tell them you love them over and over. And if what I’m writing here sounds like it’s written for someone else? Notice that too. 

Cancer: Busy busy busy Cancer. If you’re not busy now, you will be soon so dry your tears and look up. You’re are sheltered, looked after, given heavenly assignments and soon you’ll be too busy to keep that meditation/exercise schedule you’ve been meaning to get back into. My advice is to seek connection TODAY. One more thing: the waters may appear rough outside but inside you’re smooth, like a stone. 

Leo: A new start for Leo this week. What is it? A new project starting, inspiration and extra mojo. Could be related to one of your children and if you don’t have children then it’s a creative calling. Don’t worry too much about Mercury Retrograde. This isn’t the week to finish. It’s the week to dream, desire, envision. I see you poking your head up into the clouds and giving Spirit your list. Write neatly and don’t forget the details.

Virgo: Hmm Virgo I like what I see here. Harmony and help, support from others. Someone new in your life, a client, a friend, a lover, a teacher. Whoever, whatever, it is, it’s good and you can trust your good fortune. And like I was telling Taurus, go slowly. I see medicine here. Are you close to a solution? Could be physical, mental, spiritual. Whatever you’re doing, it’s healing you. Don’t stop.

Libra: I want to give Libra a hug. Head down and I see tears but pay attention to what you DO have. If you’ve suffered a loss, know that all is not lost. You are alive. And if being alive feels bleak then dress in black, your most luxurious black. Let yourself sink for a moment and then swim to shore. I also see you working very hard on a project. Possible you are expecting the worst. The truth is that it’s just *not done* yet. Keyword: process.

Scorpio: Scorpio has every reason to be hopeful and you are hopeful even though Saturn, The Teacher, is in your sign now. The wisdom here is to keep filling up. People use you, they eat your energy. So you must fill up again, every container in the house, and fill  up those vessels with what shines in the dark. 

Sagittarius: You drink too much. There, I said it. But liquor may not be the problem. Someone with an agenda is stuffing your ego with straw and if you can comfort those empty spaces inside you with what’s real and true and stable, you’ll be less tasty to these takers. So take less of what they’re offering. The flow you need to keep flowing is between you and the Divine. No false prophets allowed. 

Capricorn: Damn. You’re in a tight spot. The silver lining is that you’re seeing clearly. Crystal. Lament the past if you need to. You *may* need to and shake off this karma. Pluto is death and with Pluto in your sign, you’ve signed on for years of soul-restructuring. This week, mourn what, and who, you no longer rely on. You’re grown. 

Aquarius: You can afford to be stubborn. In fact you should be. Hold your ground. Hold steady. Stay still. Resist. I get the feeling others are expecting you to bend and now is not the time. Who is the King? You are the King (or Queen) of your life. No one else. You’re in charge. Move forward with your plans but do so with conviction. Compromise? I’d say no. Not this week. Rule without question. 

Pisces: You have everything you need but there’s a side of you that refuses to see it. In fact, you have more than what you need. You have enough to give. Do you realize this? When I tune-in to your energy, I see you dancing and then refusing to dance. Which will it be? Your support is arriving from all corners, from this world and from the ancestors. This time, it won’t be taken away. 



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