Your Venus in Aquarius Friend

If you want a little bit of harmless fun, then spend some time talking to a Venus in Aquarius who is in denial about the legendary Aquarian detatchment. Even though Venus is supposedly love and Mars is supposedly sex, either one in Aquarius seems to me to be a bit moreย “open minded” (and openly open minded) thanย the rest of the zodiac, sex-wise.

People throw around the word detatchment like they throw around the word projection: no one agrees on a meaning yet they keep talking. But what I like about Venus in Aquarius is their big-pictureness and seeming nonjudgementalness. Like, say you have a thing for… oh… wanting to have sex while watching the Fox News channel. Venus in Aquarius will likely have no problem with that, unless Fox politics make him barfy, in which case he may refuse. Still though, you and Fox are part of the collective, babe, and he’s going to respect that. Aquarians, they say, are better with… humanity (an idea)ย than with people.

Now this isn’t to say that Aqua-Venus peeps are impersonal, depersonalizing monsters, just that they are able to… step back and… not get emotionally involved. If they choose. They can turn it on and they can turn it off. They can feel bonded emotionally to their partner, and yet they can also *not* feel bonded emotionally to the other guy or gal that they’ve invited to the group grope. Catch my drift?

And again, this is another lesson in how/why the whole chart is needed, and knowing the person, or getting to know the person, is needed. Because we can’t look at one aspect and see a person’s story with depth and insight. Regarding love, sex, and relationships, the Moon sign, for example, is critical. An Aquarius Venus with Pisces Moon will be a hell of a lot different than, say, Aquarius Venus with Moon in Gemini or Moon in Aries or even Moon in Scorpio. Honestly though that combination gives me the shivers ๐Ÿ˜‰

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