Your Venus And How To Have A Lovely Love Life Filled With Lovely Love

"venus in the 12th house"

In last night’s blog post about Saturn and love, I ended the post by asking “How’s your love life” and the responses so far (in the comments) have been simple and poignant.

Listen, I’ll tell you about my time in the trenches and my Venus is wack okay? I’m NOT talking to you from the land of superplusgoodhealthVenus land.

My Venus ONLY has outer-planet aspects, one good and two stressful AND she’s in the sacrificial doormat oh yes so very compassionate 12th House.

But she’s active. It’s ENERGY.

Even me, La Ugly Ducking with the house-of-cards-Venus can… find (and *find* IS the wrong word) love.

Thing is this: love is often different than how we fantasize it will be. It has pieces of the dream, but it’s more than the dream. It’s better.

So here’s one thing you can do. Examine the condition of your natal Venus, all the aspects, and begin to work, begin to live those aspects. Understand them.

Do you have a Venus Pluto aspect? Observe how you wind up in power struggle and how it hurts you, how you get too intense too soon and wind up destroying that which you hold dear.

Do you have a Venus Uranus aspect? Do you run? Do you not know how to balance getting close and leaving space for yourself?

Do you have a Venus Neptune aspect? Do your romantic ideals cloud your eyes and then you come crashing down? Do you disappear and not know it and then become resentful because you’re gone?

Do you have Venus Saturn and feel ugly and reject them before they can reject you?

Do you have Venus Moon and can’t quite integrate your sexuality and your nurturing and all those lessons your mother taught you which maybe hurt more than helped–

And so on…

Aquarius Season, the sign of the scientist, is coming. Put your Venus on the table and examine her 😉

Think about, really think about what YOU are doing when you get in relationship and how it goes wrong because, yes, the common thing in all your busted up loves is YOU i.e. who you choose and/or how you behave once you get what, or who, you want.

You can stop being self-destructive. But you must get to know your Venus to know your particular brand of self-destructive.

What do you do wrong?


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