Your Uranus Transit

"moon in aquarius"
Moon in Aquarius

Every 7 years.

Every 7 years, Uranus takes you by the hand, or by the hair, and says: you’re coming with me! That’s how my first astrologer, years ago, put it.

Uranus is the only planetary energy we cannot control (wrote Isabel Hickey). We can only control our reaction to it.

Uranian keywords and phrases include: expect the unexpected, rebellion, sudden change, originality, revolt, electricity, genius, invention, inventive, astrology, out of the blue, weird, freedom, independence, don’t fence me in, don’t tell me what to do.

Uranus, says Hickey, is the higher octave of Mercury, bringing flashes of insight. When transiting Mercury, for example, positively aspects your natal Uranus you  may feel brighter, literally sparkling with exciting new ideas. Your intuition will be sharp!

People with Moon Uranus aspects in their charts may be prone to creative brilliance, or mood swings, feelings that can’t be trusted because they change so fast. Erratic.

Mars and Uranus in hard aspect is famous for accidents or violence. With Mercury, Mars, and Uranus in configuration, your hot words could get you into trouble.

And of course there is a difference between the soft aspects and the hard aspects but anywhere you find Uranus is where you find a question: how will this play out? What will happen? Who is in charge? Am I safe? Do I care? I’m doing it MY WAY.

Uranus entered Aries and is now Retrograde. Look in your chart and see where your Aries house is. The house shows the area of life that will be affected. And look in your chart for planets in the early degrees because Uranus is in the early degrees. Match up those numbers and you can begin to see more of the story.

Also helpful is to look at the condition of your natal Uranus. Where is it located? What aspects does it take? Is it comfortable or challenged? A little of both?

My natal Uranus is either in the 1st House or the 2nd House (depending on House System) and I tend to read it for both. Its aspects are few, but one of them is one of my few trines: Uranus trine Mid-Heaven. 

So one could say that my um renegade nature will cooperate with my career. How about you? Tell us about your Uranus!

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