Your Transiting Redemption

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I think that you don’t know, can’t know, what a transit means until you live through it and then reflect.

What’s your option otherwise? Books? Other people’s experience? All valid, okay. But it’s not your own. I have someΒ earth in my chart. I like evidence. Proof. I mean, I’ll take someone’s word for something absolutely, but… I guarantee that if I’ve gone through it? And I remember it? Then I’ve got something valuable to say. The personal extends outwards. Can you see it? Like someone stretching out their arms.

It’s like going out of Egypt to the Promised Land. It is exactly like that. And if you’ve read here at all then you know, maybe, that I occasionally lapse into Torah (Old Testament) metaphor. Sometimes? Sometimes I can’t help it πŸ™‚

I love metaphors of leaving captivity and heading towards freedom. Doesn’t matter your origins. Can’t you relate? Haven’t you felt bound and then free, even if only for two seconds? Two minutes? On a Saturday Night. At a disco πŸ™‚ Walking down the street. First thing in the morning. Buying your groceries. In a dream. Talking to your lover. Listening to that song. Anytime, anytime, anytime. It can happen anytime. You felt free, didn’t you?

I was on the train today when I had an insight into my current Saturn transit: Saturn in Libra squaring my Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. And it happened out of the blue although I didn’t yet analyze any Uranian connection.

Does this ever happen to you? The aha moment?Β 

And it was just shards of an insight, not the whole stained glass window. Just pieces, reflecting light. Possibility. A re-frame. I couldn’t see it all, not at all. I wasn’t allowed to. In Kabbalah, tzimtzum is God contracting his light, his Self. We can only see, feel, understand what we’re supposed to. We are limited. Sound like Saturn to you?

This Β feeling was uniquely mine and yet not because I can extend it outwards if I am called on to help you with yours. With our transits? We’re not alone.

And when I got off that train I knew I was gonna run home and turn on the PC and type this to you. Type up today’s Promised Land.

And you? WHEN do YOU know what your transits mean?Β 

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