Your Transiting Redemption (Part Two)

"moon pluto conjunction"
Leo Rising, Sun in Cancer

Do you know the phrase a good death? I think I learned that phrase from my mother who was using it to describe her grandmother’s death. That she died quietly, without pain, from old age, surrounded by family. That apparently this is the kind of death that a tzadekkis earns. Simple.

This evening I got some hard news about a dog who I know and love. And I realize as I type this that some may be offended that I went from talking about a human to a dog but I know I’ve got a point buried in here somewhere, like a bone.

The dog went blind all of a sudden and yes I went to go look at my transits because this is the dog’s transit and the owner’s transit but also my transit since I work with the dog and I realized after a quick glance at the list of planetary placements and degrees that I am simultaneously having losing transits and gaining transits, for lack of a better word. Mars square Pluto and Mars trine Jupiter. Mars in my 10th House. It’s all work related. And emotional. Mars square Moon too.

Since yesterday, I’ve been getting bad news and good news, bad news and good news, things falling apart and other things coming in. And what feels like the most important thing in my life holding steady. But yet I also feel myself bracing for more bad news.

Shock is physical. Grief is physical. These processes take place in the body. Β And your reality shifts. Life was one way before. Another way after. As the cliche goes, no news is good news.

I’m still feeling some shock and wondering what tomorrow will bring. Square. Trine. Square. Trine. Which will it be?

What about you? How do you react to bad news?

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