?Your Thoughts On Transiting Neptune?

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neptune in pisces

I unwittingly scared a client the other day by talking about the confusion of a Neptune transit. She’s a Pisces under Neptune square Neptune.

But it’s not dementia-type confusion, I told her (and believe). It’s not like forgetting your keys everyday although I suppose that could happen with Neptune aspecting Vesta or Mercury or the God of Small Things 🙂

It can definitely be an overall fog though, lack of clarity, a WTF am I supposed to do feeling (in regards to the house he’s transiting and aspects he’s making).

For example, I think I am figuring out WTF I am supposed to DO as Neptune gets out of my 6th House of WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY. Sure it made me very compassionate and sacrificing ‘n shit whatever I was doing but there was this overriding sense of… I’M LOST PLEASE COME FIND ME. A feeling of, well, drowning. And pulling on the 12th House like that, I felt pretty down for a pretty long time. Neptune is the seas.

Isabel Hickey says that wherever Neptune is transiting, “stick to what you know.” Makes sense to me. And I did. My life felt static… even though it wasn’t.

Jupiter grows us. Uranus surprises us. Mars energizes us. The Moon feels us. The Sun shines us. Mercury makes us go faster. Saturn works us… Who am I forgetting? 

Venus. Venus loves us. Pluto consumes us. And Neptune? Neptune is the rain.

So how do you get anything done under Neptune? You buy a raincoat! And an umbrella! And galoshes! And you learn to swim.


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