Your Sun Sign And You: The Reckoning

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Okay so I’m a Cancer Sun Mercury and Mars and I’m going to be working with my own Sun sign metaphors in this post but I also want to encourage you to find your own. It’s important. Because you need to reckon with your Sun.

Do you ever get excited to go food shopping? I was writing on this post here about my dislike for shopping in general, for the energy of pumped up materialism and commerce but I love love love food shopping even though I’ve entered Low-Carb-Land and have fewer options these days. Food is less of a focus for me. Actually, that’s not true. It’s that the focus has changed.

Women, food, the body: you know, I wish I could take y’all, my sweet handful of loyal readers and commenters to the store with me today because it will be the highpoint of my day, besides whatever astrology work and writing I have to do. We could buy just the right foods for everyone’s diet, go home, and have a party with great conversation. And maybe that’s what this blog can become, that kind of space: warm, comforting, a communal kitchen.

I never was much of a mother in my earlier years, although some may disagree. I mean, I think I always took care of people or knew what to say during hard times or… Here’s a memory: my mother calling me on the phone, I’m in my early 20s, and she has some news to share which has royally shocked my grandparents and she’s telling me that I should talk to them, that I could make it better somehow. This surpised me. And yet somewhere inside I recognized myself in what she was saying.

See? The reckoning. You must reckon with your Sun, with what your Sun means. Surely you have memories too of such moments, moments where you shine, moments where you are needed (another fine Cancerian keyword).

And as I wrote on that post, I think I’m growing into it. I don’t have kids of my own and I’ve taken care of animals, my own and others’ for almost ten years. Those relationships are deep. Animal people know what I’m talking about, and I know that there are some dog vs cat people out there but no one, absolutely no one can tell me that my relationships with the cats aren’t as deep. In fact, that’s ALL they are capable of. Besides napping and eating and playing and grooming, of course πŸ˜‰ They connect deeply to their people. They communicate deeply.

So your Sun is who you are, it’s your first self, your essence. If the Moon is your personality and the Rising sign is your body, then the Sun is truly your Soul, is truly why you are here. Cancer, me, needs to take care. What do you need to do?Β 

Tell us in the comments who you are. We would love to know!

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