Your Squares And You: Swallowing A Diamond

"venus square saturn"
how many diamonds did you swallow?


I didn’t have time to blog yesterday and feel like I’ve been away forever. Ah, settling into the chair now… fingers on the keyboard… talking to myself (out loud!) as I talk to you.

I want to talk again about squares, about doing the things that scare you which reminds me of a Pema Chodron book title (I love her!).

The solution itself is within the square. You don’t even need to look to any supporting aspects. Just DO the square. Do the thing that scares you. Is it easy? No! But worthwhile, even as an experiment.

I have a Venus Saturn square. I don’t feel beautiful. I stay away from all things beautiful. I deny myself beauty or comfort. Now, this is unconscious, okay? I don’t realize it. I don’t realize it until I buy the hand soap I want and see how happy it makes me. Something so simple. This is double for me because my Saturn is in Taurus. So there’s a beauty-block. Venus square Saturn must work (Saturn) to be beautiful (Venus).

But once once once once once… once I leap into the center of that square? And imagine there is a center to leap into….Tugging on the Leo Venus, tugging on the Taurus Saturn… and make a little move towards me (Leo) and beauty (Taurus), the square begins to feel soothed. Again the idea of the honey in the square (see previous post on this).

The square is inside you, a hidden beauty. It’s like you swallowed a diamond.

Do you have a favorite square in your chart? 😉

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