Your Saturn Opposition Survival Guide

Where are you on the Tree of Life today?

Forget for a moment any accepted/acceptable definition of this phrase except for what comes to mind for you.

Traditionally there are twenty-two pathways. Ten spheres. But it looks like so much more. A map. A convoluted map. If only you could find the YOU ARE HERE sign.

I said to a friend of mine once: I am trying to understand the Tree of Life and I’m finding it difficult. Can you teach me. This friend is a devout Orthodox Jewish woman. Pious, mystical, scholarly. She laughed at me. People spend THEIR ENTIRE LIVES trying to understand this 🙂 she said.

I recently drew a Tree of Life. Based on a picture from one of my books. I taped it to my wall. I have many books with many trees in them.

It seems to me like it’s always moving. This Tree of Life on my wall. Like one of those bird-eye-view live-cams of a superhighway. Arteries of a city. We are always moving along one of these pathways into and out of the spheres. Worlds. Even when we feel stuck. Perhaps especially when we feel stuck. That’s when we know there is massive movement under the surface. Plates of the earth. Sometimes we collapse from the weight. I am under my Saturn opposition now. Under silence. These thoughts I’m bringing you today are from silence, from this transit.

And it may be a helpful exercise for you (and for me) to find where you are (and I am) along the Tree of Life. Even if you do not know anything at all about Kabbalah or about the Kabbalistic associations “popularized” by the Golden Dawn.

Draw for yourself a map. In fact you can even designate the spheres and the pathways as whatever you want. A superhighway. Veins on a hand. A board game from the 1970s.

Which sphere are you today? Are you Understanding? Are you Wisdom? Are you Severity? What qualities are entering your life? What qualities are leaving your life? What transits are you under? Are you light? Are you coming and going? Where are you on the tree? Are you hanging by your neck?

How to survive your Saturn opposition: know when to slow down. And when to make an effort. Give yourself a kiss. You may feel heavy, ponderous. Even your limbs may feel heavy. Pessimistic limbs. Gloomy limbs. You may feel all hope is lost but what you must recall is that there are fluctuations and shades of grey, even within grey 🙂

Love, MP

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