Your Progressed Chart: Use It Or Lose It!

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Carl Jung: Sun in Leo

Loyal reader and commenter redleppard wanted me to address the topic of Progressions so here goes. And this is not going to be too technical (not today anyway) but more about what I do, my approach. And of course I need to quote my fave (one of my fave) astrologers Isabel Hickey who says that progressions, the progressed chart, show how the consciousness is affected from within.

Do I think they matter? Yes. Do I use them in my work? Yes. But for me, it’s the natal and the transits first and foremost and everything else is everything else. I definitely look for the progressed Sun and Moon, and Venus and Mars. And the angles. Progressed Jupiter will be interesting to see if you’re of a certain age. I’m 41 and my progressed Jupiter has moved only from late Libra to the beginning of Scorpio. (Oh, and I do like to look at progressed Sun/Moon/Mars/Venus in synastry.)

Thing is: you just never know until you look. Maybe someone comes to you with a problem and you are having trouble finding the key to the door and something in the progressed chart lets you in a little more. It happens.

An example from my own life, years ago, on the phone with an astrologer, who had read for me ten years previous, she saw transiting Saturn was sitting on my progressed Sun in the 12th House. It helped to explain why I felt so… Saturned!

Or, another example, right now my progressed Venus is in Libra and Saturn is sitting on it but… this Venus Saturn transit only mimics, echos other themes that are already happening, already being shown by the transiting planets. Knowing the placement of the progressed Venus just emphasizes it that much MORE.

I do admit to being cynical, however, when I feel people over-rely on their progressed chart, for example. I mean, to a good astrologer with a sharp intuitive sense, the information is THERE in the natal and the transits. I believe this.

There are layers upon layers of information that often lead us back to the same place. Understand? All these different techniques should bring us where we need to be, which is… why you came to us (me, whoever) in the first place.

I hope this made sense, redleppard 🙂

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