Your North Node Is Where?

"North Node in Pisces"
North Node in Pisces

Sometimes I look at my chart and feel a sense of mystery. And the mystery says WTF. Not just wondering, as I sometimes too, if my birthtime is wrong but… WTF. The Big WTF. The Cosmic WTF. The Why Am I Here WTF. If we are here, if we are still here, living, then… there must be some purpose to it. Am I right? This is how my mind works. I get consumed. There has to be a larger purpose. Or… WTF?

There is an old Hasidic tale and I can’t remember from where it originated but basically a person can live their whole life and their purpose may be something we’d consider so very small. Like, no matter what else you did, the point of your life was to help so-and-so across the street the one day when she had too many packages and her arthritis was hurting. Or a cat you saved. Or a person you smiled at. That small. You can see my mindset here: service. Help.

Or maybe your holy purpose is to fall in love. Or birth a child. Or write a poem that no one ever reads. Or read someone’s chart. Or notice this one blade of grass on a sunny Tuesday and praise God for it.

When I cannot see, when I cannot find, when I cannot feel the answer, when I keep saying WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY… then I know I’m tied up in my Virgo South Node.

How do YOU know when you’ve found your purpose? How do you know that you’re not just a tourist? Do you think along these lines? About your own life? And do you ever EVER feel settled.

My North Node is in Pisces, in the 6th House and conjunct my descendent. Service to the other, every day, Virgo style with a side of Pisces? Pisces style with a side of Virgo? Dissolving (Pisces) fading (Pisces) and merging (Pisces) but carefully (Virgo).

I’m thinking about my Nodal Axis today. Are you thinking about yours? Got thoughts?

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