Your Neptune Transit

"sun in pisces"
Famous Pisces!

Neptune through a House shows us what we’ll take care of. Remember: Neptune serves. Neptune is compassion, BIG compassion.

Neptune through my 6th and I took care of animals. The 6th is the house of pets (small animals). Of course a Neptune transit is LONG but that’s what it became for me, part of what it became. One could also say I took care of my health, my work, and so on. And now? Neptune is on my descendent and longing (although retrograde) to enter my 7th. Who do you think I will take care of?

Take out your chart. That’s right. Take it out of the drawer. Take it out of the book where you’ve been using it as a bookmark. Smooth it out. Find the sign of Pisces in your chart. Find the very beginning of Pisces. It may not be at the beginning of a house. It could be in the middle or towards the end. But the beginning of Pisces, 0 degrees, is where you need to settle in. And if you are confused now, that’s okay too. That’s Neptune πŸ™‚ You’ll get it.

Where is your natal Neptune? Where is your transiting Neptune? What/Who do you serve?Β 

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