Your Moon And You

"moon in libra"
Joan Jett has Moon in Libra!

Today’s Feeling? Hopelessness. Not that I am feeling that way right now, but I know the feeling.

And I write a lot about this topic, circling around it like a dog finding a place to rest his weary bones. I’m like my pit bull friend: sometimes it takes me forever to find my spot.

So what do you do? Do you fight it or let it stay the night? Do you know that feeling of going to sleep in despair and waking up in despair? I’m not looking for sympathy, empathy. What I am doing, what I like to do, is write about this stuff, and I think others can relate. Writing about this stuff is what I DO.

An image shows up in my head of drowning, struggling in the water, Sinking and popping up, but just the head. Takes a breath. Goes back down. Sometimes I let myself sink. Sometimes I know I need to swim to the shore.

My Moon is conjunct Pluto (thus the name of this blog) which means different things, one of them being that I require depth in my relationships. If I can’t relate to you on a deep level, on an honest level, on an authentic level? There’s no point. It’s like drowning in the shallow end.

What do YOU need from people? Do you see it in your Moon?

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