Your Mars, Your Body

"mars square jupiter"

Totally bummed!

I was supposed to meet a client this afternoon. Someone I’ve worked with by email who doesn’t live here but is in town for a few days — and yesterday I started feeling sick.

I ignored it but I couldn’t ignore it.

Had dinner with my Cancer Sun/Venus in Gemini in the 8th House friend and felt tired in my bones. Soul-tired too. And when I woke up this morning feeling that I could sleep FOREVER, I knew I had to cancel.

I have Virgo Rising and when I wake up in the morning? I WAKE THE FUCK UP. Even when I’m tired, I rarely linger in bed. There’s too much to do! So I knew. That was the biggest sign, that I wanted to sleep.

My brain seems to be working though 😉 and my soul doesn’t feel as tired as yesterday but I know I will write this post and then go rest and recharge until I have to visit a certain doggie for a walk.

This is definitely a Mars sitch. I have Mars square Jupiter in my natal: I WILL overdo it. My Mars will overdo the food and overdo the gym and overdo the EVERYTHING.  Jupiter isn’t just “luck,” it’s also EXCESS.

Thinking I won’t go back to the gym until Monday. Rest as much as I need. Blog and work by email and stick close to home which a Cancer doesn’t mind much anyway, especially a Cancer under the weather.

I’m still bummed even though we will reschedule. I hate missing things due to the body’s needs. It’s like “Body! What the hell! Why don’t you do what I tell you to!”

But no. The body is in charge. The body says rest. The body says wait. The body says… let’s pull a Tarot card…

The Tarot-body says “Worry not. You’ll have what you need and you’ll be able to give more and more if you take this rest now.”

6 of Pentacles 🙂

Who’s in charge? You? Or your body? Both? What’s your Mars up to? 


Interested in a reading? I’ll start scheduling again on Monday after I get some awesome rest this weekend. If you do have a reading already in progress though, no worries, no major delays 🙂

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