Your Mars Is Your Inner Hero

"mars in virgo 2011"
aw hell I just like this painting

Yes. You are correct. I am obsessed with Mars in Virgo these day. He will be in the sign of Virgo from mid-November until early July.

Where is your natal Mars? What sign is it in? What are the aspects?

What, and who, is your Mars fighting for?

Mars in Virgo will fight for a precise goal on a precise battlefield. No spills, okay? Virgo wants it clean, directed, and, yes, fierce! Because it’s Mars!

Mars in Virgo will fight (Mars) to devote (Virgo) itself, but where? 

Mars in Virgo will desire (Mars) to serve (Virgo), but what?

Virgo NEEDS to ask questions.  Virgo needs to ask WHY and HOW.  And sometimes Virgo needs to shut the fuck up 🙂 I mean Virgo needs to lean into Pisces and R E L A X. Take a chill pill as I am fond of saying to one of my cats who whines for more Friskies whenever I come in the room 🙂

Find the Virgo house in your natal chart and being figuring this out and processing, which is, yes, VERY VIRGO.  What will you discover? Redact nothing! Classify everything!

10th House?  You know it’s career related.  7th House?  Is your marriage ready for a jolt? 4th House?  Where do you come from and where are you going?  1st House?  All about the body, all about you.

I got inspired on the subway today when I noticed a young man knitting and I thought to myself: THAT is Mars in Virgo: dexterity, form, creation!

And, ya know, Mars in Virgo answers to Mercury which makes him very VERY good with his hands. Make of that what you will, my friends. Make of that what you will 🙂

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