Your Mars In Libra Shield!

I want to talk about two things today.

1) that the Mars Neptune opposition (already in affect but exact this weekend) is nothing for you to be afraid of and–

2) how appropriate it would be to create a BEAUTIFUL SHIELD OF PROTECTION for the long Mars in Libra transit of 2014. How Mars in Libra is nothing if not beautiful and charming 🙂 Violently so 🙂 but if this transit creates a steaming pile of doo doo in your chart (sorry, not very Libra of me!), then a little magic can go a long way!

You can create a shield in your mind. You can create a shield FOR REAL. Yeah. ARTS AND CRAFTS, BITCHES!

Think about it!

Mars = bravery! Courage! Protection!

I know some of y’all knit. I know some of y’all draw. I know some of y’all daydream. I picture mine… like a sand mandala that will last only as long as needed and then poof with a single breath, gone.

But about Mars (ambition, desire, passion) opposing (fighting with) Neptune (fantasy, daydreaming, sleep), my advice is this: you will want to watch your stress and energy levels verrrrry closely. Sleep extra. It will prevent a cold. Eat warm foods. Mars is in Virgo. Health is Wealth. Neptune may make you feel like everything is okay but the truth is… you are out of balance this weekend (maybe even RIGHT NOW) and how you  better your balance is by paying attention to your body. Smoke less. Drink more water. Allow yourself to mope or putter. And mutter. MORE WATER. HYDRATE PEOPLE HYDRATE! But also do your work. Mind the small stuff. Take care of the critters. Create a miniature. I am picture a Joseph Cornell…

Any questions? 

Love, MP


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