Your Map To Saturnalia: Sun Enters Capricorn, Dec 21st

So I am predicting a LUSTIER Capricorn Season than usual — BECAUSE of Venus retrograde  in Capricorn and BECAUSE of the Grand Cross in Cardinal Signs. Remember Mars is in Libra now, sparring with Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. Add Sun and Mercury in Capricorn to this mix!

But don’t take my word for it 😉 You can tell me later how it was. And of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will GET SOME. But I think it  definitely means you will WANT SOME.

If you visit my Facebook page (it’s not private. Click on the FB link on my homepage) you can see the little video I made on this topic yesterday.

Capricorn, in my experienced, fits many of the cliches 🙂 very ambitious. Reserved on the outside. Hot mess on the inside 😉

But seriously — and I’ve mentioned this before — when you hug a Capricorn you can feel it in their bones (Saturn rules the bones) — how fragile they feel, how fragile they are.

Saturn is a “cold” planet, a cold energy. Saturn doesn’t get all hot and bothered. Saturn sets limits. Saturn says NOOOOOOOOOO. Saturn is death. Saturn creates ENDINGS. Saturn is NOT the planet of passion. Sorry folks, it’s just not. MARS is your heat hot sizzle factor, not Wise Old Man Father Time Saturn.

But I do predict, I do declare, a very VERY randy RANDY horny GOAT Capricorn Season because of the stress, because of the tension, because you are a tightly drawn back bow and lordy you need to fly through the freakin’ air. Sagittarius Season provided NO relief NONE.

The trick is this. You have to learn the rules. Saturn rules. Do Saturn’s bidding. To scratch the itch you want scratched. You have to do it Saturn’s way. Understand what I’m saying? You can feast and you can frolic and you can get your ya-ya’s out but in order to do it right (i.e. to get what you want) revisit your natal Saturn. Those are YOUR keys. What house? What sign? What aspects? I suggest you do this so you can find YOUR MAP to Saturnalia.

And don’t forget transiting Saturn is in Scorpio. ALL the itches you will want scratched require you grow up, take responsibility, work with others, work well with others, and MERGE. No corner cutting. No surface skimming. It’s a spiritual experience. That’s exactly what it is. The sex you want. The bonding you want. The love you want. The life you want. So stop fucking around.

All festivals have rules. All parties have rules. What are yours?

Love, MP

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