Your Lunar Compass: New Moon in Sagittarius & More

"saturn square neptune"Mercury enters Capricorn on Wednesday and you know what means: Mercury will (soon enough) conjoin Pluto and square Uranus and oppose all the Cancer Suns, Moons, and Risings among us.

On Thursday, Mars (angry) opposes Uranus (sudden) BUT Venus is trine Neptune (romantic). I can’t imagine two aspects more different!

Friday is the New Moon in Sagittarius at 19 degrees so a new start in your Sagittarius House. It’s occurred to me that it’s time to start apartment hunting again. I search, take breaks, search, take breaks and started thinking it’s time again which make sense because of the New Moon there for me in my 4th.

New Moons are like to-do lists, reminders. Your lunar compass. 

This New Moon is: 
conjunct the Sun in Sag
sextile Mars in Libra
square Chiron in Pisces
square Jupiter in Virgo (pretty tightly)

New Moon feels a little painful to me. Painful but hopeful. Bittersweet. Moving on Eight of Cups feeling but then you draw the Sun because after the Eight comes the Nine, which is happy.

Today I did a Celtic Cross for a gal worried about money and work. Her transits led me to two things for the most part which I shared with her and the Nine was the OUTCOME OUTCOME OUTCOME of her reading so I’m not worried but of course it’s not my life so easy for me to say and feel. I gave her the practical and I gave her the magical and I said to her I want to hear good things from you. I know I will.

The New Moon feels painful because at my age (or yours) it can become painful to continue to hope for more than what we have but Sagittarius and Jupiter always promise MORE so there’s that. A little more. More of what you want. That’s what I’m wishing for you.