Your Gift For May: Grand Trine In Water

"grand trine in water" What to do with a Grand Trine?
Some say you don’t have to “do” anything.

Trines are lucky. We may not even notice we have them.

What to do with a Grand Trine by transit?ย 

Here’s what’s coming:
Jupiter in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde).
A Grand Trine in water signs.

Who is this good for? Everyone (in a general sense).

But extra good for water signs and earth signs and the imaginatives out there, the intuitives.
You shall be in your element, receiving a higher frequency ofโ€ฆ whatever it is you hope to call down from the heavens.

My advice first and foremost is to find the houses in question because no doubt there is an ongoing story there and this is the next chapter, an easier chapter, a celebration, perhaps even a windfall, a lucky duck.

Jupiter keyword: growth
Chiron keyword: curative
Saturn keyword: scaffolding

I think this is your big break.
To put it all together.
And I mean break in a good way (as I sit here, healing from my leg injury).
Break as in TO SURPASS.
To overcome (Jupiter) pain (Chiron) by resetting the bones (Saturn)!

Because, really, it’s all here.
The bones (Saturn), the blood (Chiron), and the brain (Jupiter).
That’s you. Whole body!

And the project, believe it or not, is itself the medicine.
So, in the words of Ru Paul, don’t f**k it up ๐Ÿ™‚

Love, MP

P.S. This is a gift for all of May for you but the orbs get tighter as Jupiter moves forward and Saturn moves back.
Between 16 – 20 degrees of the water signs is your sweet spot.

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