Your Genius Life: Mercury Square Uranus (January 20th)

"mercury square uranus" Mercury and Uranus together are brilliant but unpredictable.

I think this is true even in “soft” aspect because of the nature of Uranus!

Surprising. Shocking. Uranus rules INCONSISTENCY.

With a “soft” aspect do we get “better” results?

How about the conjunction which some say is “neutral” — can go either way.

One of my Tarot students has a Mercury Uranus conjunction. She gets frustrated at what she perceives as her erratic psychic connection. Not always there when she wants it!

I think it may be helpful to unpack our ideas of what “better” or good is.

Example: Maybe erratic IS better. MAYBE inconsistent IS better. This certainly is truth for Uranus and Uranian people. 

Uranus rules the GENIUS. Rules FLASHLIGHTS. Rules FREETHINKING. Electromagnetism. Derailing.

Even at its best, even in the trine, what is best is NOT to depend on Brother Uranus. He will reject your affections. He will reject your longing. He doesn’t want your attachment. Uranus LEAVES.

The Uranian among us (and I suppose I must count myself as one due to my three PERSONAL planets in the 11th House. PERSONAL not generational. There is a difference!) may fight this freedom, may ignore this freedom, may deny this freedom. It may show up in our lives as shadow, barely seen but I recommend you start to see. Revisit Uranus in your chart, in your progressed chart, by transit.

You may be living your life all wrong.


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