Your Chart, You, And The Scorpio Moon

"Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Scorpio"
famous Cancerian, Frida Kahlo

Do we ever do enough? I wonder. My roommate gave me a lovely birthday present today, which included a synchronicity. She gave me a book, a book that my mother also owned, a book that I took from her apartment after she died.

My roommate had no way to know this, that it had sentimental (Cancerian) value and no clue where my copy is. I opened up the wrapping paper, took a look at the cover, and got chills. The ineffable strikes again!

I began to think about my friendship with my roommate who I’ve known nearly 10 years, and also knowing my Cancerian shell is thick and hard. I’m not always up for daily communication. I feed off energy more than talk. She, a double Taurus, needs the talk, which can make me feel drained.

I began to then feel regret for every cranky mood, every display of Cancerian Household Tyranny from this past winter. I know I was hard to live with and I do believe my quitting sugar and almost all carbohydrates has dramatically evened out my moods. I’m still a Cancer Sun with a hard shell, but something has gotten easier, softer. I can feel it. I wonder if she can. I’m afraid to ask.

Do you ever wish you could have done better at something while knowing you weren’t able to? R is for Regret.

What’s the astrology? Well, Cancers often feel guilty and Virgo feels like their best is never enough. Venus in the 12th House feels the sorrow of others and Aquarius on the 11th can detatch from those others.

Do you understand your chart? Do you think about your chart? Do you see your chart active in your life? Do you think if x, then y? 

More questions: Do you appreciate the people in your life? Everybody dies. This is our stark daily reality. Kindness is important because you never know. You just… Never. Know.

My parents’ early deaths no doubt have given me this sense of Time Running Out, which makes me think of Saturn i.e. reality.

The Moon in Scorpio was sextiling Pluto in Capricorn earlier today and now trines Venus in Cancer. From death to love. From death to mother. Neptune in Pisces too. I feel at home (Cancer) in all this water. How about you?

How does your chart show up in your life? Share your deep thoughts here. Let us swim in them 🙂

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