Your Chart And You: Fondness For Shit

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Truth is I can’t remember if I already posted this post. I did a search for the word “shit” and didn’t find it so maybe we’re good 🙂

Not long ago a gal who I did a reading for wrote me a beautiful email and I posted it here as a testimonial! One thing that struck me was that she mentioned having a ” fondness” now for the trickier stuff in her chart.

She didn’t use the word “shit.” That’s my word. But I’m calling such tricky aspects “shit” to get your attention. Saturn is heading to square my Mercury and hard language feels right 🙂

Do you have a fondness for your shit? This gal got me thinking about my own shit. Do I embrace my shitty Venus square Saturn? Now, I’m not in the mood to analyze the shit out of it but… growing a fondness for this aspect feels alright. I like that word (fond) because it implies some distance: “Oh yes I’m… fond of him, very fond.” It’s hiding something deeper but it’s also a “getting to know you” or a “fascination.” Again, the distance.

Another anecdote: last week I spoke with someone with North Node in Scorpio on the 7th House Cusp. Talk about needing to love your shit! Scorpio is Pluto ruled and Pluto rules, well, ya know.

Think about it this way: a growing fondness for what has always made you feel WEAK. Not good enough. Defeated. Can you imagine? A room, an army, a nation of people not hating themselves. What could we accomplish? More Saturn flowers perhaps.

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