Your Body, Your Temple: Taurus Season

I get all excited when the astrological “seasons” change.

Only Venus has entered Taurus so far, but Mars and the Sun aren’t far behind.

Taurus keyword: I have. Taurus ruler: Venus. Taurus element: earth. Taurus quality: fixed. Taurus House: 2nd.

When I think of Taurus, I think of the body, taking good care of the body with lotions, potions, good food, good rest, whatever the Taurus wants, only the best for that particular Taurus. And not only is Taurus Season around the corner but ECLIPSE season as well. Three eclipses, the second one in Taurus! The New Moon one ๐Ÿ™‚ So… if you are having a rough time these days, then hold on, as a Taurus would, persevere! because in between the endings, in between the full moons eclipses, is your new start.

Eclipses bring change. On what will you rely? I suggest you rely on yourself, your reality (do you have one? is it constantly shifting?) your body. Solid ground. Be reliable with yourself.


I went to church today. The Big City still has churches you can walk into and sit down and feel at peace or cry or rest your weary Manhattan walking feet. I don’t even remember where I was today, midtown, East side, but I got lucky. It was so beautiful. I wish I knew something, anything, about art history (although I did get an A in college!) so I could tell you what I saw in this church, how spiritually dazzling it was.

And I thought to myself: when did God stop revealing himself. Why was he revealing himself, constantly it seems, in the olden days! What about THESE days. And I thought: what am I missing. And I thought: oh someone will comment what about the stars and the beauty of nature and the smile of a child and the… whatever. God was NOT fucking around back in the day. It was a revelation merry-go-round: prophets, messiahs… and now what do we have? The iPhone.


Another story: my poet friend A. sends me his new work. I wasn’t crazy about some recent poems of his although I did love a few of them and he’s working on more. He goes through depressions and I told him (did I? Or did I just imagine it?) to write *from* that place of despair. Even though some despair is slow and has no words, no images, no world, but still the idea that the poem comes from a place, that you must write from where you are. Nothing to lose really. Words on a page. Just one word on a page.


What does all this have to do with Taurus and Taurus Season and the eclipses? That you need what to hold on to and Taurus is perfect for this. Solid, reliable, steady energy in the midst of chains changing.

Love, MP


Details coming soon about special Eclipse Season readings! In the meantime, look hereย 

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