Your 8th House And You: Shoot The Moon

"the 8th House"
Diane Keaton in Shoot the Moon

I think the 8th House is also the body. Because we meet others there, inside it, inside the life of this house. The 8th House is our deepest relations with others. Sex, intimacy, death, and that interesting 8th house catch phrase ” other people’s money.” Resources shared. What gets exchanged. In death, matter is exchanged for spirit. And yet both are real. In sex, I believe matter is also exchanged for spirit. Our deepest selves engaged.

Last night I finished watching Shoot the Moon. Albert Finney, Diane Keaton, Peter Weller, directed by Alan Parker. I remember when it came out. 1982. I was 12. Now I love dark movies, but this movie is truly dark, about a falling-apart marriage and people whose unconscious drives, very Plutonian, seem to pop up wherever and whenever, often violently and in the family.

And there’s no resolution at the end, which I like, which feels good to me.

I think the 8th House is the body because it’s where we find other people, the people closest to us, whether we want them there or not. The 8th is also their legacy and ours, which becomes what we give, what we have to give, to others. Again, the idea of the exchange. So, we are all this… energy, like Yesod in the Tree of Life. Regenerative. Reproducing.

In my previous post I was speculating about what causes a person to seek help and the idea that we aren’t alone out here, in here, in the world. Well, look to your 8th House to see where you are not alone. Look for Scorpio, look for Pluto. These are ties that bind.

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