Your 6th House And You: Untangle The Knots

"Virgo Moon"

Been using this metaphor all morning: untangle the knots. Or maybe it started last night. Or last weekend actually.

I had some work to do and my mind felt knotty, knotted. I had a headache and I wondered if it was a third-eye thing since some of it was psychic work. I struggled and I couldn’t make myself free. I sought counsel, sending an email to one of my favorite astrologers. Haven’t seen her in years, but had some readings years ago. I knew she’d understand and give me the wisdom. It helped but the knot remained, although turning as the days passed. Same mind, same forehead, different knots.

North Node in the 6th House is all about the every day. Every day life and routines. It can be about joy or not about joy, but joy will come, contentment will come, when you do your North Node and in the 6th House, it IS about washing the dishes 🙂

The 6th House may be the least glamorous of all the Houses. The 8th has sex and death. The 9th has travel and God, wow! The second has your money, the 12th has the ways you hurt yourself (which may not be glamorous, but it is dramatic). The 5th has fun! The 1st is Who You Are, and so on…

But the 6th? Ew. Virgo again. The body. The maintenance. The details. The process. The mundane. The fixing. The running smoothly. The health. The house of service and work. Service? Again?

What’s happening in your 6th House? What sign is on the cusp? Where does its ruling planet live? Is it empty? Full? 

Now, if you’re a 6th House person (got Sun there? Moon? Stellium? North Node?) and you don’t respect and respond to the demands of this house? Let’s just say it would be helpful for you to master the needs of the every day, including your body and your time. Too much 12th House (and we’re talking about the 6th/12th axis) can lead to self-destruction. Self-undoing, as the astrologers say.

Isabel Hickey says that we have some control over 6th House affairs, unlike the 12th House, which is shadowy, hidden from us. So let that be an incentive to you, 6th House People, says Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto 🙂

Your life improves when you find order in the House of Order. But look to the sign there. I have Pisces. Order for me is… not disorder but… less rigid. And my Neptune is in the 3rd House. So I write. And I find my order there, in the words. 

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