You Want Hope? Look Here. New Moon In Aquarius (Part Two)

So I decided to go back to therapy.

I got so much stuff in my head. I need to TALK. I need a witness. And I like a little insight. I have no taboo about therapy.

So I rang up (texted) the last therapist I had and… so far so good. Two sessions already. And had thought, as well, that the inner work I do there will no doubt help whoever comes to me. It works like that 🙂

When I saw him the first time, during Saturn in Virgo, I wasn’t doing this work. I was learning my work. And I was immersed in my playwriting. If only I had known then that everything was going to be fine. But most of the time in my life… I don’t imagine what’s to come. There’s more than an element of surprise.

You know what? I was writing yesterday about them cutting down that tree (and how sad I felt about it) but now I see these amazing clouds! The tree was blocking them. I had never noticed them before 🙂 You would not believe these clouds. I think these are the best ever clouds 🙂

The moral of my story here is a Pluto moral. There is pain and trauma in this life yes but death is not the end. Change is what we are seeing. New forms!

Is there a new form that you need to be working in? 


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