You Must Change Your Life: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio October/Nov 2013:

How trauma works:

and surely you know that trauma is an 8th House matter and Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio (associated with the 8th House) so you can probably tell already where I’m going with this blog post.

You may not remember IT.

Or you MAY remember IT.

Doesn’t matter. You live half in the past and half in the present and God knows where else.

You get triggered and in those moments you could make a very bad decision: leave a job, leave a boyfriend, walk in front of a train.

Cracks in the pavement. We get triggered and we fall in and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is going to help you with this.

IF YOU ARE IN THAT DARK PLACE and you are reading this now, please get help, which means, please talk to someone. Friend, therapist. Because you need to be heard, have your feelings, experiences validated. Calm yourself down. So that you can live with the times, the upcoming transits, make use of them. But first you have to get out of your head. LET SOMEONE IN.

Mercury is your mind. Scorpio seeks the truth. Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) rules healing.

During this retrograde you can use your mind TO GET BETTER. USE OTHER PEOPLE’S ENERGY TO GET BETTER. SEEK OUT RESOURCES. TAKE THEM. BE BRAVE AND TAKE THEM. Scorpio does not give up. Scorpio seeks revenge but this isn’t about hurting other people. This is about healing your life.

See, your job IS to fall in, but first tie a rope around your waist. Make sure someone is holding on to the knot at the top so you don’t drop too far down but down enough so that you can see how/that you are only living half a life. You don’t need to repeat the trauma word for word but you need to be made aware someway, somehow. Grab your lantern and down you go. A Lower World journey. What would your life be like if you weren’t so afraid? Where would you live? What job would you have? Who would you love? Yourself?

If you are looking to heal your life, this is how. If you are in pain, this is how. If you cause other people pain, this is how. And I love to live with the times, as you know. So LIVE WITH THIS during Mercury in Scorpio.

Any questions?

Love, MP

PS PLEASE use this transit. Don’t let it pass by unnoticed.


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