You Must Change Your Life, But How? When?

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the 8th House

What has to happen before you make a much needed change in your life? How much pain do you need to be in? I think you do need to be in pain to save yourself from a seemingly intractable problem or at least begin the soul-aching process. Otherwise, you’d just continue on as you were. Although people do call astrologers and other helpers before the point of excruciating pain, for validation, for hope, for guidance, for explanation. All of this is valid. I call my astrologer and my Tarot lady too, and if I had a Rabbi or a Priest, I’d call him/her. I seek wisdom.

And you can hear it in someone’s voice, whether they are at bottom or whether it’s still an intellectual exercise for them and they’re not there yet, not ready to dive in. Not ready to act. Still swimming in the mind, under the transits, under the chart. In the Jewish tradition, we are taught that we are above the stars. Similarly, Edgar Cayce said that the stars impel, not compel. Is it true?

If someone calls me up with a problem, I respect the problem. I mean, there is meaning in it, even if my job is to help them get out of the woods. Give them a flashlight, with fresh batteries, and a new pair of shoes because there are snakes in the woods, and creepy-crawlies. And then walk with them.

Mercury is the trickster and the mind is tricky, it works to keep a person fuzzy, protected. An analogy: the way not all traumatic memories come back at once. We remember/feel only what we can handle. And when we can handle more, our minds open. And like a boil, if you pop the skin, then pus comes out, and who wants that when there’s work to do and children to feed and whatever you need to keep your life smoothly running.

Sometimes I suggest baby steps, little by little. Your mind is your baby in your arms. I mean, your thoughts are. So don’t yell at yourself for what you haven’t been able to solve yet.

I put the graphic of the 8-ball here (remember that toy?) to signify the 8th House, which is so much about mutual feeding, about energy exchange. This is what our lives are made of. You are not alone.

So my question for you is: when do you make change in your life? How do you get to that point? Do you reach out?

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