You Look Good When You Cry: Full Moon In Cancer, December 28th

I expect the Full Moon to be an emotional time for us all, but not in a bad way. I can say this 🙂 I have my Sun (my essence), my Mercury (mind) and my Mars (what drives me, what I fight for) in the teary-eyed sign of Cancer. I may not like everything I feel, but I do not fear the feelings themselves.

In fact, the process of releasing them is necessary, I have found, for emotional/physical health. Otherwise, for example, we tend to eat our feelings (how many cookies?) or drink our feelings or fuck or work away our feelings, numb them. Anything but feel what’s inside us, raw. The cry of a baby to the universe: feed me! hold me! LOVE ME? Please?

Your feelings are not dangerous but a Full Moon in Cancer caught between the Uranus Pluto square may cause pressure, confrontation with others so be Libra. Libra is the “empty leg” in this tsquare. Grace under pressure. Diplomacy and smiles no matter what they throw at you. Remember, somewhere, there is a parade being thrown in your honor 🙂

I believe this is a decisive, forward-moving Moon. Not just a “truth comes out” Moon or a “releasing” or “letting go” moon but a power-moon. You’ve been hemming and hawing (for whatever reason) despite knowing exactly what you need to do. But you watched t.v. instead. Or went shopping instead. Or complained instead. Or hoped it would change on its own instead. And that is fine, that is perfect. But this grace period has ended. It will return of course. But for now, you got to move. Full Moon in Cancer will push you.

My advice is this: enjoy your Christmas, if you celebrate, without a care in the world. No matter what you’re facing, no matter how devastating, no matter your daily worries. Even, especially, if you’re alone. Enjoy it beyond all reason. Radical pleasure, radical joy and enter the Full Moon moment from that wellspring. You, too, are the baby in the barn, holy beyond reason.

xo sending love xo


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