You Belong To Me: Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer"When you have nothing to lose, you have the most to gain. 

A friend was talking about the infamous mid-life Uranus opposition (that NOW OR NEVER feeling) and she’s been through it and I’m going through it now, actually the end of it. Uranus opposition Uranus: where are you going? Where have you been? Now or never now or never now or never.

Uranus went direct opposite my Uranus, 4 degrees! And yes it has been liberating. Certain supports (transiting Uranus in my 8th House) have fallen away, needed to fall away. Expect the unexpected is what they say about this wild planet although in certain instances I made the first move to try to soften the blow. And shocking stuff still happened.

I’m bringing up Uranus because Uranus is part of the lovely 😉 cardinal tsquare we’ll be under courtesy the Full Moon in Cancer on December 28th.

Momma Luna will oppose Pluto (feels like an angry dog to me) and square Uranus (an angry crazy hungry dog. No offense to the dogs out there!) but we also have a grand trine in water to soak your head if need be: Full Moon/Saturn/Neptune-Chiron. More traditional astrologers may not include all these heavenly bodies for the trine but I do. The energy is there as I’m fond of saying.

A Full Moon causing a tsquare in cardinal signs hmm hmm hmm I think you will want to take action, particularly in your early-degree Libra House. You may race to partner. You may race to make peace. Other scenarios: there could be a decision made that’s not in your favor. News you can no longer avoid. At least now you know. Doesn’t mean it won’t burn you up inside.

Before this blog post gets any more ominous, I’ll pull a card here. A card for my fine feathered friends who keep up with my blog, believing we are one soul-group (no, not the Four Tops) having been reincarnated together (shhh don’t make fun. I’m living my Pisces North Node these days and I actually do believe in this: karmic groups)…

Knight of Wands. LOVE IT. Love this card. I often see this when someone is moving, changing house. However stuck you feel now? It’s like a loose tooth, okay? You wiggle it with your tongue. An uneasy feeling. Icky. Normal kids don’t yank it out 🙂 they wait for it to get looser and looser and looser and then FINALLY. Space! FREEDOM. And the ivory jewel in your hand. Perspective. And then a gift from the tooth fairy princess lady dude whatever.

That’s what this Full Moon is. And the space is the Libra part of your chart. There’s an opening. A portal (a word I like a lot). A VORTEX but it’s not sucking you in. Instead it’s… letting you go.


xo sending love xo

Song for the Full Moon in Cancer Carly Simon – You Belong To Me


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