You Are An Exquisite Corpse: Games For Libra Season

"jupiter sextile venus" We’ve zigzagged around in this month’s Tarot class.

We talked about reversed cards.
We talked about cards that vex us.
Cards from a Kabbalistic perspective.
We talked about the Celtic Cross versus the theory behind the Open Reading style of reading Tarot.
And we are talking about numbers too.

I’m surprised actually how much I love the NUMBERS. I was never a numbers person. But now I’m making new connections when I read for people.

The big class assignment was/is to create a divination deck — real or virtual. Mine is virtual.

I have TEN cards in my “deck” and I don’t want to give away what I’ve done because I haven’t read for my “partner” yet but it reminded me a small bit of Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse.
Maybe just the raw randomness of the approach I’ve chosen.

And when it comes time to do the reading, I think I’ll ask her for a specific question and do a three or five card spread. Or maybe more! And because I’m not crafty, I’m not actually making anything. It’s all conceptual plus my notes. I’ll choose pictures from the Internet.

I’m bringing this up because a gal in one of the chat rooms was asking what rules creativity in astrology and so many answers were given and it all felt valid. The classes I do are experiments in creativity.

So often I forget that Libra/Venus rule ART. I get fixated on the RELATIONSHIP stuff. Love, romance, social life, beauty, but there is more.

According to Rex Bills, Libra rules artists of all kinds and yes it also rules weddings and fashion and truces and love and lovers and doves and diamonds…

According to Rex Bills, the 5th House/the Sun/Leo rule creativity and yet we found creative connections to Neptune and Uranus and Mercury too. I think we need them all to create even if 5th House is the “official.”

I’m writing this post because… not everyone is a fashion maven. I’m certainly not. And not everyone is in love with love. Some of us… just make stuff. 

Venus enters Libra on Monday so get your stuff on! Mercury will be in Scorpio by then but will retrograde back to Libra. The emphasis is clear. Sun and North Node in Libra too. Without art, what point is there to living?

Jupiter is in Leo and will sextile all this Libra loveliness. It’s time for a new fun game. Something exquisite, creative, and beautiful.

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