You Are Alive This Full Moon In Capricorn + The Right Way To Mourn

"moonpluto tarot" requires an “outlet” — a way out. A route-path, root-path for the emotions to follow. Head to the inlet. Head to where it opens out to bigger water for Cancer Season.

I don’t usually think of this season as one of mourning and grief but it comes when it comes.

So I decided to start work on my own Tarot deck, the MoonPluto Tarot and maybe the entire deck will be versions of the Major cards. Or the entire deck will be the Hanged Man, 72 Hanged. I don’t know yet. But I posted the first one on Instagram and Facebook. I have no apparent artistic skill. I cannot draw anything that resembles anything in Real Life. But I can pour my emotional intensity through my fingers. And perhaps someday will make an actual deck that I (or anyone) can use. And I’ve just started. If I stick with it, it will be very interesting. Those feelings need somewhere to “go.” Goal is for the page to “match” the violence of the emotion.

I was dancing while making  my steak this morning. Afternoon. Yes I know I know my knees. I haven’t taken Advil since yesterday and been pain free but haven’t been walking at all, just in the apartment but I couldn’t help it. This music (this music I heard in the taxi from the other night – that I wrote about here) woke me up and I’m still awake. It’s part of my grief soundtrack now. When things end, you cry. That’s it. My mother cried when my father died. I think I saw that once in my life. Maybe twice. And I remember her saying to me, on the phone, people think I didn’t love him, people think… I can’t remember exactly now. But something to the effect of… of course I am mourning. We were married 15 years. Three children. Yes it had to end. It nearly killed me. But of course I am going to feel this loss.

Last night a friend and I exchanged readings. She did some cards. I did some cards. She channeled for me. And I felt heavy afterwards and sad. I haven’t even STARTED mourning yet. I thought I had been. Mourning must come. Morning must come. Along these lines I said to a client this morning: you haven’t started yet (with the guy). She was asking if things were going to continue with him BUT YOU HAVE NOT STARTED. You have to start first. Quoting Pema Chodron: start where you are. 

Dance while you make your food. This is good. I look forward to making more cards. And like a shaman, let the music, your music, assist you in your journey.

Full Moon in Capricorn on July 1st. 

Well honestly I consider some of these orbs a bit wide. Honestly. The Full Moon in Cap and Sun in Cancer squaring the Nodes in Libra/Aries. The Sun and Mars are conjunct. Moon and Pluto are conjunct. And then the Nodes. So we have this cardinal Grand Cross but the Full Moon is at 9. Mars and Nodes 4 and 5 degrees. Pluto at 14. So the energy is there but… this isn’t super tight. Venus and Jupiter in Leo though: exact. Uranus still in orb of the trine. So go there if you want, to the Fire energy of Venus Jupiter Uranus and try not to get too hung up on WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR PAIN. Vesta (commitment, passion, concentration) also squares the Full Moon (emotions in motion, endings, culminations, revelation) from Aries the Warrior (tighter orb than the Nodes). Now that is interesting in and of itself: Vesta in ARIES? A most passionate Goddess, passionate fire. Turn to her. Ritual her. Altar her. Go to her this Full Moon. She’s your best bet for burning what must be burned.

Some of you may be all over the place this Full Moon, Full Moon week HOT MESS BUT I smell blood. And I mean that in a good way. You are alive this Full Moon. FINALLY. You are hung up, strung up, Grand Cross, but something has changed. Your gills. Oh my. Something has changed. The way you breathe has changed and I have no astro metaphor to hang this on so I’ll just leave it be. This is what you can plug into. Being willing to make a thorough and willing dramatic change (Full Moon Pluto!!!!!!!!!) and dance while you cook (Venus Jupiter). And breathe.

Ah I see. I see the gills now. Sun is trine Neptune this day too. I like this day. I almost want to apologize for it. But I like this day.

And the right way to mourn is by using your entire body. One Full Moon cleanse coming up!!!!

I am doing a Summer Special this June and July.
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