You And Your Transits From Hell

"jupiter trine chiron"I’m hearing from a lot of folks — having dark nights of the soul. I can relate. I’ve had a few myself. Dark nights, dark days. Mars and Saturn are opposing my natal 9th House Saturn. This tends to put perspective in a chokehold. “Didn’t want to breathe that air anyway,” says Saturn.

And then some transits are like a long extended scream. Or so it feels. Lack of sleep doesn’t help either. A friend of mine told me that Uranus through her 12th conjunct her Sun was like someone screaming in her ear. She had headaches every day. And, oh, look at that, Pluto retrograde is squaring my Chiron again.

What to do when you’re in hell? What is there to eat? To drink? 😉

How many hard aspects from outer planets does it take to make you wish you’d never been born? I just pulled a card for you: THE CHARIOT. Any Tarot maven or semi-maven knows the Chariot is NOT a card of defeat but one of Victory. Willpower. And that’s often the problem, right? You’ve got no will, power, or willpower left.

My one suggestion for right now (besides talking to a friend who will not judge or silence or “try to make you feel better” — one who will listen, commiserate, not distance him/herself. But be a witness to your pain. Affirm it. Yes, affirm it. “Yes, my love, that really WAS hard. I GET IT.”

My suggestion:

Do your WORK. MARS CONJUNCT SATURN IN SCORPIO. Do your work. Whatever your work is. Even a little bit. A little Saturn. A little effort. A little Mars. A little drive. A little Chariot. You don’t have to have hope. You don’t have to have faith. You don’t even have to fake it ’til you make it. But you have to do something. Some Thing. No big picture necessary. No promises of “it will get better.” But climb out of the grave one teaspoon of dirt at a time.

Mercury is now in Virgo. Take small steps. Small animal steps. Be like an animal in the forest. Eat. Drink. Stay warm. Rest. Remember you are loved. Even if the souls who gave birth to you were inadequate in their care for you, there was a moment of joy upon discovering your (potential) existence. There was a smile when heaven smiled. Even if that moment was a moment cut into 1000, it existed. And it still exists now. It is your life-force NOW.

And that’s the story, for the moment.

I still haven’t posted full details yet but the TAROT CLINIC will happen. Need to announce the fee and start date and more details– we begin either later this month or very beginning of September. Beginners are welcome but we’ll be starting in the middle. I want to talk about reversed card meanings, and unusual/off the beaten path card meanings (including some from Kabbalistic perspective) go deep into the Celtic Cross and ALSO we’ll be creating our own (virtual) Tarot decks. Probably not 78 card decks, perhaps around 10 cards? We’ll see. And do readings for each other from THESE! Anyway, it’ll be a whole lot of Tarot fun for the Tarot obsessives out there. Also I will welcome YOUR Tarot topics, whatever you are obsessed with! 

I am raising rates a bit starting September 1st. Look here for the latest about my Astro/Tarot readings. 

Love and Blessings to all who visit here. Thank you xo

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