Yin/Yang Day: Cancer Moon & Her Friends

The Moon in Cancer makes all kinds of aspects on Thursday so if you feel troubled at all that could be why.

Cancer Moon wants to feel at home. Cancer Moon wants to *be* at home. Safe.

As always, the Moon moves fast. Know that any uncomfortable feeling will pass even as the Moon trines Chiron and Saturn and opposes Pluto. Eek. Trines are sweet but trines to Chiron and Saturn are… serious. I look at my list of aspects for tomorrow and I make a face 😉  I’m not in the mood.

But as I was writing on Facebook, the energy of a Sun Uranus sextile will be with us too so I suggest you focus there and by that I mean don’t hem and haw or bellyache or procrastinate. Do what you have to do and the sooner you do it, tomorrow, the less the flood of the Cancer Moon tide will sorrow you.

As I edit this post I’m thinking you want me to draw a card 🙂 Maybe for advice. What will help this day.

The Ace of Cups and isn’t that fitting?

It’s love.

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