Yin It In: New Moon In Taurus

"new moon in taurus"

A Taurus I love: Jessica Lange in Tootsie

I’m in the middle of an email reading, but have to take a break. Waiting for the landlord any minute to come deal with some apartment stuff. There is also a dog barking outside, this dog has been barking for 15 minutes or more and is clearly agitated. If I weren’t waiting for the man, I’d go outside and follow the barks. Is the dog “just” tied to a pole waiting for his owner to come out of the laundromat? I hope that’s all it is.

Suddenly all is quiet, but then it starts up again. That’s been the pattern so far. Quiet again now. I struggle to hear. As if I need to. Birds. Cars from far away. No barking.

Isabel Hickey writes that the 2nd House, Taurus, is associated with “peace of mind.” Find some today in honor of the New Moon. And if you find it today? Maybe it will last. New Moon intention.


We have a Grand Trine in earth today: Sun and Moon in Taurus, Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn: we speak of earth in terms of manifestation, in terms of reality. Grounding. What is real.

Do you have reality problems? Know anyone who does? Know anyone who doesn’t know where… they start and other people begin? Whether their thoughts are even their own? I hope all this earth brings comfort to the boundary-less.


Last night on a phone reading it was amazing, talking to a querent (you know I love that word) about her 4th House transit and houses are involved quite literally. 4th House = house, home, family, symbolic foundations, endings. Passageways.

I remember a poem I wrote when I was a graduate student. It had a line that went: “The house is also a body.”

But more than that. Houses have souls. Dare I say it: houses have feelings.

No doubt you’ve  gone inside a place and felt… something. Good or bad or indifferent. Felt the energy. Whether it felt okay, safe.

Remember this: the house is *not* you.

Boundary. Edges. Do you have them? Do you smudge, murk, bleed over, leak, dissolve? The New Moon in Taurus can establish for you something beautiful: yourself, where you begin and end. Hold yourself in. Contain. The 2nd House is “self-worth.” The 2nd House OWNS. Your body is your foundation.

And my teacher used to say you only ever earn as much as you feel you are worth. Do you agree?


If Taurus is ruled by Venus then beauty is devoted to this day. Art, luxury. New Sun, New Moon.


2nd House = earned income, what you own, your stuff.


Another suggestion: go pastoral and move slowly through the world.


What does it mean to own. It means “it is mine.” It is mine and no one else’s, unless I *choose* to share it. I possess. I have. The 2nd House points to YOU.

Aries is the 1st sign of the Zodiac, the sign of ME. Taurus is the sign of MINE i.e. acquisition. We must reach the higher vibration of our charts while honoring who we are. So the Taurus MUST own.


What does it mean to own your foundation? That you are taking responsibility (Saturn is in Libra, another Venus ruled sign) for fixing the cracks and the leaks and beautifying them (Libra/Taurus) wherever you find them. Blaming NO ONE. But going about your business, doing the work with Mars in Virgo, step by step.

Imagine that: blaming no one. Taking responsibility. Getting out from under self-pity. No small challenge for a Cancer Sun, Mercury Mars (myself) to get out from under self-pity. We are here to learn so what does Taurus teach us, hmm?

I have Saturn in Taurus in the 9th House. No wonder I say we are here to learn 😉


This post is stray thoughts, stream of consciousness and thus harder to end but I hope it makes you come up with your associations, your own Taurus mind for this special day, a new start in all things that will… deepen the law of attraction in your life. Venus. Venus attracts. Soften today so you can yin it in.


Venus rules… erotica and friendship and fertility and glucose and glamour and limousines and valentines and vaginas…




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