YES You Will Be More Clairvoyant Today: Moon Opposition Uranus

"moon opposition uranus" You need to be SEEN.

You need to be seen. You need to be seen. You need to be seen.

My knees (from the tumble I took last week) didn’t start to feel better until I was seen.

YES I got Ace bandages and was told the right amount of anti-inflammatories for my injury (I never take enough and then wonder why I’m still in pain) but I also needed to be seen. By a team! Or just one Kind Soul. I hadn’t thought of it before but the psychological affect of being seen is huge — having your pain witnessed and tended to.

Does it make you all well? Not necessarily. But a good doctor or nurse or X-ray technician or receptionist is a healer.

I’m going to be doing a Summer Sale — 60 minute Phone or Messenger readings will be $65 instead of $115.

No synastry with these. One chart only.
Transits + Tarot

You can buy these in bulk as well.
You can give them as gifts.


And I will be watching the clock with these 🙂 no going overtime 🙂

Instant Message OR Phone/Skype (audio).
No email readings. Regular $$ for those.

Exception to the Rule:

I WILL do Synastry charts for this special IF I’ve seen the other chart before (i.e. NOT a brand new chart to me). 

So I got seen. Do you get seen? Who sees you? Why is this witnessing theme on my mind? Besides my own experience, we are under a Libra Moon today and you know what that means!!!!

The Moon will oppose Uranus in Aries (and sextile Venus and Jupiter in Leo) and this is mad psychic!

YES you will be more clairvoyant but you have to slow down the insights as best you can to avoid an impressionistic blur. Unless you like that kinda thing 😉

And you will FEEL (Moon) these sometimes shocking (Uranus) insights (Uranus) in your kishkas (your guts, MOON). You will feel it in your BODY, in every strand of hair, in your saliva, in the soles of your feet, your small intestine, in your ear wax, your eyelids, you will feel it!!!!!

And you may think to yourself: WTF!!!!!! Because it’s Uranus and it will be… a little different, a little uncomfortable but prepare to receive the messages with grace okay? Because the Moon is in Libra and we are graceful today and beautiful and choosing the pink nail polish over something more gaudy and please just fix yourself up because Moon in Libra needs (Moon) beauty around her. Are you listening? I’ve got readings to do today and I may don my lovely citrine necklace, which I rarely wear. THIS IS NOT PLAYING DRESS UP. THIS IS MAKING THE MOON HAPPY.

Even if you work from home, even if you feel miserable, don’t just sit around in your pajamas and bemoan your miserable fate. Even if your fate IS indeed miserable too. Okay fine. Bemoan all you want BUT look good doing it. Class. We’re talking about having a little class. For the Libra Moon. And when the opposition to Uranus perfects? You’ll get a message SO FREAKING CLEAR. 

If you are worried that you will miss the crystal ship sent to save you then prepare a “vessel” in advance. Get out your cards and your stones. Smudge the place. Do a ritual at 6:20 pm (EST) because what I feel is that the “news” is hovering just out of reach and your job is to make a “keli,” a vessel to bring it down to you in a language you can understand.

Make sense?