Yes, The Lovers Card Is About Making A Choice

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Interesting, I asked the folks who got on board with my new service what they wanted me to write about and most of them said USE YOUR INSTINCT. I TRUST YOU.

One young lady said this: Love and death have been on my mind. More specifically, whether I’ll ever have a romantic love and why most doctors want to tell me I’m dying. But, more importantly whatever you’re moved to write.”

Dear Lady X (name changed to preserve her identity),

You wonder whether you’ll ever have a romantic love, and I assume this means whether you’ll ever have a romantic love again because I know just a little bit about you.

I know that you’ve had some solid long term relationships, but here you are in your mid 30s (which is a fine place to be!) and personally I see NOTHING wrong with being single and I’m pretty sure you agree — despite the protestations of friends and family. And yet something is stirring in you.

I want to ask the cards: what is this stirring? YES FOLKS I JUST GOT THE LOVERS CARD.

Why is this stirring
? The MOON : fear or worry but also THE CYCLE OF LIFE. Is it time?

I know that you know a thing or two about the body and medicine and this stirring I think is happening on a FULL BODY level for you — you feel it especially when you look at your hands in the morning or really any time you look at your hands – to check your nails, to put on your watch. It’s partly how you measure time and growing older. You note to yourself when the last time was that you held his head in your hands, touched someone’s face.

And it’s just starting. The clanging will get louder. Trust me on this one. THE CLANGING WILL GET LOUDER. I’m using this image but what I’m feeling is less of a clang and not a longing but more of a… tick tock tick tock tick tock. And then a chime. Chime. Chime.

(Pulled a card for the clanging, once you truly decide to get in gear with this, you will have even more potential suitors than usual. Having potential suitors was never the problem anyway – 7 of Cups. But I feel like you’ve been out of the game so long that… you’ve taken your theories and isolation to bed, instead of taking another human to bed and the thought of loving another human THAT MUCH again, letting someone into your heart being harder than entering Fort Knox… well… let’s let the Tarot be the punctuation mark on this sentence: KNIGHT OF WANDS. The One for You will not stop until he claims what he came for: EVERYTHING. And maybe that Knight of Wands is YOU. Agreeing to what you must do.

You are going to have to STOP being the 9 of Pentacles (another card I saw here), stop being the strong lone perfect independent woman with the bird of prey on her shoulder.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. And I’m just scratching the surface. You can, will, have love again if you want to, if you choose it. But you haven’t. Yet.

AND THE CLANGING WILL GET LOUDER. Toll of the bell 🙂 Stirring of the pot 🙂 Chime chime chime.

And OH right now you’ve got Jupiter transiting your 7th House with Venus and Pluto in your 1st opposing, and a Grand Cross is born when we include Mars and Uranus. Is the clanging getting louder yet? Why were you born? Why are you here? Jupiter has come to sit on Saturn’s face, to happily sit on all those ways you restrict yourself (Saturn) and cover smother over all your Cancer planets once again, one by one. Until summer of this year. And of course yes I am seeing Jupiter gunning for your 8th already where it will conjoin your sexy Mars in Leo. See, you could find a potential-potential before summer and… really make hay during Jupiter in Leo. That’s one option. The Stars are on your side.

Now I’m not telling you what to do and I know Capricorn Rising is apprehensive BUT LOOK! It all hinges on this Jupiter 7th House transit. NOTICE all your other transits on the OTHER SIDE of your chart! ONLY Jupiter is pulling you into involvement with others. Mars is above you, Uranus below you, and everything else is over there in the land of… personal growth and development! Jupiter in your 7th House is saying “MORE OF THIS PLEASE” and I don’t think it’s about business connections and family although lordy it will be if you don’t… say okay okay okay and GIVE IN.

And, again, I’m not telling you to say “okay.” You are master of your destiny, not me. I’m just reporting what I see and feel from the cards and chart.


Love, MP

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