Yes, My Child, Mars Will Someday Leave Libra

"moon conjunct pluto" In the early days of that relationship (when I was in my late 30s) I was filled with rage.

Where does rage come fromFrom disappointment, I think to myself. When you want things to be otherwise. When I write these words I think of the stories that I could tell, volume upon volume of stories. Of rage and disappointment and bitter tears. Never thought of myself as a storyteller. Always a writer, but not of stories. More like loose thoughts, notes. Which is partly why I became a poet all those years ago. Now THAT was a genre I could handle. Or so I thought. A certain kind of free-verse poem. Inner voice traipsing across a page. But a poem is much more than that.

I wonder what life will be like, feel like, once Mars leaves Libra. We’ve been preoccupied. With not feeling angry. Mars in Libra isn’t “allowed” to feel angry. Will we miss it? Will we fall apart? How will we fare as we go from the Lover of Symmetry (Libra) to the Manipulator of Energy (Scorpio) to the Detached Philosopher (Sagittarius), and so on, after spending so many months neatly folding up our rage? There may be vomit. There may be vomit EVERYWHERE. Imagine that. More than half a year of repressed emotion finally breaking free. Oh. My. God. Do you feel it already? That it’s happening? (Due to Mars being direct now.)

I have a good friend. We’ve never met in real life but she’s a good friend nonetheless. Mars in Aries. She doesn’t apologize for her rage. instead, she feels it. She feels it and then its done. None of this brutal holding on.

From Women Who Run With The Wolves:
Even raw and messy emotions can be understood as a form of light… We can use the light of rage in a positive way, in order to see into places we cannot usually see.

This has been my experience. My rage has been a light for me. It has helped me clarify who I am, what I want, how I feel, what is WRONG, what is right, what I desire.

Again from WWRWTW:
Allowing oneself to be taught by one’s rage, thereby transforming it, disperses it. One’s energy returns to use in other areas, especially the area of creativity.

I could go on and on, quote and quote. It’s an incredible book. I own it for the first time. I want to leave you with this thought though, of my own —

Beware of anyone who… tries to dismiss or destroy or discredit your rage. That’s THEIR problem, their fear.  And that is fine. But don’t let them snuff out your passion or have you believe that you are wrong for having strong feelings.

I remember telling someone: it’s the same source! Anger, rage, passion… the same energy it takes to fight is the same it takes to f**k.  Not always, but if you think they are not related, then you are fooling yourself. If you’re not doing either in your relationship, then you’ve got a problem! Where there is Mars, there is life! Mars is ENERGY, vitality, ACTION. Mars doesn’t wait for permission. It TAKES.

Oh dear I think I’m tangenting now… thinking about Mars in synastry but we’ll have to save that for another day… 🙂

See you guys tomorrow. New post up on Beliefnet as well, more Tarot talk!

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Love, MP

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