Yes It’s Time For More Relationship Advice From MoonPluto. You’re Welcome.

"mars trine pluto" Realizing that many problems in relationships (when relationships go wrong) are ENERGY problems – when the energy goes out of balance. When one person gives theirs and the other one only receives it and/or restricts their own.

Often the man will chase – giving the woman his energy (a “typical” hetero example) and she will receive. And then the tables may get turned. He goes into his cave (don’t they always) and she may start to pursue him in return. And when things have gone awry she will keep pursuing and he will keep retreating further and further away. Part of the feminine power (whether you are male or female) is to NOT do this. But to stay stable and strong, like the Empress. Not wavering or running in either direction but allowing him to do his thing (coming and going) and then decide if he’s worth it. Some women (or men) are better than others at this.

A healthy male (or female) suitor will return (sooner rather than later) to meet her energy, match her energy, and then EXCEED it. A healthy male will exceed her expectations and actually eliminate the need for her to chase or push back with resistance/rejection.

This is a Venus issue of course. But this is also a Mars issue. A Pluto issue. A MOON issue. Okay this is an ALL THE PLANETS issue πŸ™‚

Do you see this scenario in your life? Y’all know I can write about this stuff because I’ve lived it.

The relationships that work best are the ones where the energy balance is met and maintained and then properly exceeded. SYNASTRY MATTERS. And your natal chart matters of course.

To be continued…


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