Yee-Haw! Planetary Round-up: The Stars Today

"Moon Pluto"
If the cast of Deadwood were the planets...

The Sun in Cancer is still squaring Saturn in Libra, which is a great aspect for working on yourself. Just don’t work on anyone else. They may be moody under the crabby Cancerian skies.

Moon and Mercury conjunct in Leo trining Uranus in Aries: I wrote yesterday that it sounds like an ELO concert. Not in the mood for live music? Then stoke the fires of your creativity. Mercury Uranus aspects are genius. Start a blog, write a letter. Trust your instincts. All this fire is pure inspiration.

Jupiter in Taurus is bickering with Moon and Mercury in Leo and neither side backs down. Remember Taurus and Leo are fixed signs i.e. stubborn My advice? Don’t be too flashy today.  Jupiter is big and in Taurus is Big Beauty. Let the Leos win this round 🙂

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