Yee-Haw: Planetary Round-up! The Stars Today

"Sun in Cancer"

Today? Mercury squares Jupiter so watch what you say. Although you won’t be able to 🙂 Mercury governs Gemini and Jupiter governs Sagittarius and neither of these signs are known for their tact, although Gemini a bit more perhaps 😉 Eh, a lot more.

I have this square in my natal chart but in Cancer/Libra, two signs known for being “nice,” although nice in very different ways, so a square between these two could be about too much diplomacy. And then, in fine Cancer style, blowing up, possibly tearfully (the Moon) when the luck (Sadge) is pushed.

Sun in Cancer edging past a square to Saturn in Libra but enough in orb to feel it and I feel it, and speaking of feelings, the Moon is in early Virgo which opposes Neptune and Chiron in Pisces so be careful of those escapist tendencies. Watch a romantic movie instead of getting stupid drunk. Might be less fun but it’s kinder on the beer belly 😉

Back to the Mercury Jupiter square as mentioned above: we’re dealing with fixed signs here, Leo and Taurus, so you may find the words stuck in your throat. Or, you blab on and on about how gorgeous you are to someone who disagrees. Incidentally, this combination in a natal chart is always… interesting 😉 It can be a fun-loving beauty queen or egomaniac blond bombshell on steroids.

Mercury in Leo trine Uranus in Aries (still) is an awesome aspect: radical genius. Insights and inspiration can be found through writing or speaking or even on a short trip! Blogging seems more than favored under this aspect.

One more thing before I leave the daily stars: Venus is now in Cancer and applying in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn: fun! Well, not exactly. But Venus aspects usually don’t alarm me since there’s usually something juicy and possibly pretty in the mix. Although with Pluto involved? They may be dead.

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