Writing Your Own Horoscope

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You are the sky. Do you ever think about that? That your chart is the sky from that moment. Everyone born at that moment has your chart. It was a general thing, up there, but then it became you.

You could have been born early or late or not at all. So think about that in regards to… loving yourself. The sky was neutral. Like a tan sofa.

In 1970, the year I was born, there were no astrology bloggers. There were no blogs. But I wonder what some daily newspaper horoscope writer would have written that day for a Virgo Rising/Cancer Sun…

“Your emotions may feel uncontrollably intense today while you go about your daily routines. Try not to snap at loved ones or jump to conclusions. However slighted you feel, it’s probably of your own mind and making and not reality. Giving the cold shoulder would be a mistake under these conditions. Despite the fluctuations of your mood, your energy will be high. Don’t over do it. Choose projects  and activities wisely.”

Or something like that 😉

Can you write a forecast for the day of your birth? 

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