Writing On The Wall

"tarot reading in nyc"If I haven’t had the time or energy to meditate, when I finally do sit again, it’s like stepping into a warm pool.

And today was an interesting meditation. It became a dialogue and I had my dry erase board in front of me so when thoughts came, I wrote them down. It became part of the meditation.

Freedom I wrote on the board after sitting for a couple minutes. And then: I feel like a prisoner and I want to be free. Spontaneously these words arose. 

A few moments later I beseeched Spirit for guidance: tell me what I need to know. The answer came: you already are (free). Your imprisonment is an illusion.


This morning I began a Tarot reading for someone and her question was “do this” or “do that” and what I discovered is that there are often more than two options. The answer the cards gave us was of another path that had not yet been thought of or imagined. The cards opened this up for us.

And for this querent in particular, life itself, like a thunderbolt, would surely show the way.


You can follow meditative traditions. It’s good to know the “rules” of different practices. But then? Do what you like 🙂 I had not intended this sit to turn into a dialogue, but it did. Going back in now…